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John Fairfield Scammon 1786-1858 was member 29th Congress representing 1st District of Maine & on committee that designed Maine State Seal.

Colonel James Scammon’s epitaph (1742-1804):

“This stone to strangers may impart
The place where Scammon lies;
But every friend consults his heart,
For there he never dies.”

George Edward Scamman (1916-1946) was declared legally dead on 21 Jan 1946 after being missing in action during WW II in 1943.

1 Richard Scammon the Emigrant

Birth: abt 1600, England
Death: abt 1660, Dover, NH

According to Farmer’s Genealogical Register he was living at Portsmouth, NH in 1640. He later lived in Dover, NH.  He emigrated from England via the Barbadoes Islands and arrived in Boston about 1630. According to Susan Scammon Fischer on genforum.com: “The Pre Scammons 1600’s I have seen date from 967 on up. I have a list of Kings, Prince, princesses,countess, and concubines.  Family Tree Maker by Broderbund from John Scammon and possibly go back abt. 1621-1000. Here is my list to the Princess, John, Mary, Rebecca, Rebecca, Richard, Samuel, Samuel, Elizabeth Princess of Scotland [born abt.1387] death date bef. 1378, Henry Prince of Scotland and so on. The oldest person I have is Elizabeth De Vendome [born abt. 960] died 1000.”

The name of his wife has not been found – maybe Anne or Elizabeth?

Children:    John (1620-)
Richard (-~1697)
Anne (-1685)
Elizabeth (-1687)

1.1 John Scammon (Scammons)

Birth:    1620, England
Educ:    Kittery, ME

John was a legatee with his daughter Elizabeth Atkins, under the will of his sister Mrs. Elizabeth Saffin. He may or may not have lived in Barbadoes. He may or may not have lived in Kittery, ME. In all probability he was the father of one son who did live here, named Humphrey.

Children:    Elizabeth
Humphrey (1640-1727)
Mary (1663-1748)

1.1.1 Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    Tattershall, Lincoln, England
Death:    Maine
Spouse:    Thomas Atkins

1.1.2 Humphrey Scammon

Birth:    1640, Portsmouth, NH (Kittery Point, York, ME?)
Death:    1 Jan 1727, Saco, ME
Occ:    Ferry operator and tavern owner

Was the first Scammon born in America.  He lived in Kittery, ME until 1679, when he moved to Saco, ME and purchased the estate of Henry Waddock, which consisted of about 200 acres of land along the East bank of the Saco River, about 1/2 mile from the river’s mouth.  Humphrey’s home was located near the ferry, which he operated as well as a tavern for the entertainment of travelers.
First seen in America in Oct 1667 when widow Sarah Abbott withdrew a suit against him for refusing to satisfy her for lodging, etc., and for fish lent him in her husband’s lifetime.

In May 1674, no residence given, he bought land in Wells, ME from N. Fryer.

Kittery 1677; chosen Cape Porpoise constable Feb 1678-9; of Cape Porpoise, bought the Henry Waddock farm in Saco, ME on 4 Dec 1679 and there was given town privilege and a ferry license in June 1680, followed by a tavern license from 1680-1686; townsman & comr. to take the lists to York 1682; j. 1684; gr. j. 1685; goodman S. & Edw. Sargent to collect the minister’s salary in 1685; he to see the minister’s cellar dug and stoned in 1686.  Deputy 1686.  Blackman’s Falls on Dunstan River where he formerly had a sawmill mentioned in 1720.  He returned to Kittery in wartime, and bought Mrs. J. Bray’s estate in 1694; culler of fish 1695-6; gr. j. 1699; returned to Saco to be taken captive with wife and sons Humphrey & Samuel in 1703.  One Humphrey was a resident of Truro, Mass. when that town was incorporated.

He made his will in Kittery, ME on 12 Mar 1713-4, probably returned to Saco as soon as possible, and there sold at Kittery Point in 1725.

He died 1 Jan 1727 at age 87.
In 1697, Indians attacked the settlement at Saco & with others, took Humphrey & his family captive.  They were taken to Canada and spent about one year in captivity.  When peace was restored, they returned to Saco & found that the only item to survive the Indian raid a year earlier was a beer mug which was found outside their ruined home.  This mug has been preserved as a memorial to the hardships & sufferings endured by our forefathers.  The mug is a brown earthenware with alternate stripings of violet & blue & bears a medallion of King William stamped on the front.

The name of Humphrey’s wife is unknown, probably Elizabeth Unknown.

In his will he stipulated that “1/2 acre of land at the ferry place be reserved forever as a burying place for my relations.”  The exact site of Humphrey’s final resting place cannot be found, but the slate markers on the graves of his two sons are visible today.

Spouse:    Elizabeth
Birth:    abt 1645

Children:    Elizabeth (1674-)
Humphrey (1677-1734)
Rebecca (1680-)
Mary (1682-1760)
Samuel (1689-1752) Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    1674, Kittery, ME

Spouse:    Andrew Haley
Death:    1725
Father:    Andrew Haley
Mother:    Deborah Wilson
Marr:    15 Jul 1697

Children:    Elizabeth (1698-)
Andrew (1700-1775)
William (1704-)
Samuel (1706-)
Sarah (1709-)
John (1712-)
Rebecca (1714-) Elizabeth Haley

Birth:    25 Jun 1698

5 children

Spouse:    Peter Lewis
Marr:    29 Dec 1726 Andrew Haley

Birth:    22 Jun 1700
Death:    1775

10 children

Spouse:    Mary Bryar
Birth:    9 Jan 1705
Father:    William Bryar
Mother:    Mary Cutt
Marr:    7 Aug 1727

Children:    Joseph Joseph Haley William Haley

Birth:    17 Feb 1704
Death:    died young Samuel Haley

Birth:    17 Feb 1706

2 children

Spouse:    Grace Lewis
Father:    Andrew Lewis
Mother:    Mary Hutchins
Marr:    21 Nov 1733 Sarah Haley

Birth:    19 Apr 1709

10 children

Spouse:    Joseph Weeks
Birth:    25 July 1702
Father:    Nicholas Weeks
Mother:    Priscilla Gunnison John Haley

Birth:    14 Jun 1712

11 children

Spouse:    Margaret Bryar
Father:    William Bryar
Mother:    Sarah Eastman Rebecca Haley

Birth:    1714

7 children

Spouse:    Charles Smith
Marr:    19 Jul 1735 Capt. Humphrey Scammon

Birth:    10 May 1677, Kittery, ME
Death:    31 May 1734, Saco, ME
Educ:    see notes

Probably married twice.

In an agreement between Humphrey, Hon. Nathaniel Weare & Sir William Pepperell, Humphrey is named “Mariner,” a prominent man & large land owner.

10 children
Was he married twice?  A note from Families of Maine and New Hampshire says his first 2, Hannah & Elizabeth,  were children  from his first marriage and the last 6 were born in Saco from 1717-1729; also have seen that the first 3 children were from his first marriage.

Spouse:    Elizabeth Jordan
Birth:    abt 1690, Spurwink, ME
Death:    1746
Father:    Dominicus Jordan
Mother:    Hannah Tristram
Marr:    abt 1714, Saco, york Cty., ME

Children:    Hannah (1709-)
Elizabeth (1711-)
Mary (1713-1746)
Sarah (1715-1738)
Humphrey (1717-)
Dominicus (1719-1745)
James (1721-1753)
Nathaniel (1723-1745)
Benjamin (1727-1745)
Jeremiah (1729-1729) Hannah Scammon

Birth:    1709

Spouse:    Capt. Allison Brown
Birth:    1697
Death:    16 Apr 1728
Father:    Andrew Brown
Mother:    Anne Allison

Children:    Andrew
Elizabeth Andrew Brown

10 children

Spouse:    Elizabeth Harding
Father:    Stephen Harding
Mother:    Abigail Littlefield
Marr:    5 Nov 1747 Elizabeth Brown

Spouse:    Abraham Tyler
Marr:    11 Aug 1743 Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    1711

Spouse:    Capt. Ichabod Goodwin
Birth:    1 Jun 1700
Father:    Thomas Goodwin
Mother:    Mehitable Plaisted (1670-)
Marr:    25 Aug 1729

Children:    Hannah (1730-1775)
Ichabod (1732-)
Humphrey (1735-1736)
Mary (1736-1774)
Ichabod (1739-)
Dominicus (1741-)
Ichabod (1743-1829)
Samuel (1745-)
Elizabeth (1748-)
Sally (1745-) Hannah Goodwin

Birth:    24 Jul 1730
Death:    1775

2 children

Spouse:    Col. Tristram Jordan
Birth:    24 May 1731
Death:    1 Nov 1821
Father:    Samuel Jordan
Marr:    23 Nov 1749

Children:    Tristram (1768-1856)
Sarah (1756-1838) Tristram Jordan

Birth:    1 Aug 1768
Death:    3 Jan 1856

Spouse:    Sarah Scamman
Birth:    7 Aug 1768, Saco, ME
Death:    19 May 1821
Father:    Samuel Scamman (1738-1825)
Mother:    Sarah Dennett (1742-1822)
Marr:    18 Jan 1791

Children:    Samuel Scamman (1791-1859)
Hannah Goodwin (1794-1850)
Sarah Mary (1796-1798)
Tristram (1798-1876)
Elizabeth (1801-1874)
William Vaughan (1804-)
Dominicus (1807-1882)
Sarah Olive (1810-1885) Samuel Scamman Jordan*

Birth:    8 Oct 1791
Death:    6 Jul 1859

Marrried cousin

Spouse:    Sarah Scamman

Other spouses:    Sarah Scamman Samuel Scamman Jordan* (See above)

Spouse:    Sarah Scamman
Birth:    15 Apr 1803, Saco, ME
Death:    30 Sep 1839
Father:    Nathaniel Scamman (1767-1849)
Mother:    Rachel Foss (1770-1847)
Marr:    29 Dec 1828

Children:    Mary (1829-)
Sarah (1831-)
Elizabeth (1833-)
Samuel T. (1835-)
George Henry (1837-)

Other spouses:    Sarah Scamman Mary Jordan

Birth:    10 Nov 1829 Sarah Jordan

Birth:    9 Sep 1831 Elizabeth Jordan

Birth:    16 Aug 1833 Samuel T. Jordan

Birth:    17 Aug 1835 George Henry Jordan

Birth:    5 Dec 1837 Hannah Goodwin Jordan

Birth:    19 Feb 1794
Death:    4 Mar 1850

5 children

Spouse:    Enoch Goodale
Birth:    16 Nov 1784, West Boylston, MA
Death:    4 Mar 1874, Saco, ME
Father:    David Goodale
Mother:    Dorothy Newton
Marr:    6 Jan 1824 Sarah Mary Jordan

Birth:    May 1796
Death:    13 Aug 1798 Tristram Jordan*

Birth:    19 Jul 1798
Death:    12 May 1876

Spouse:    Marinda Olive Sawyer
Marr:    6 Oct 1830

Other spouses:    Mary Jordan Tristram Jordan* (See above)

Spouse:    Mary Jordan
Birth:    22 Jul 1801
Father:    Ichabod Jordan
Mother:    Mary Coffin

Other spouses:    Marinda Olive Sawyer Elizabeth Jordan

Birth:    9 Jun 1801
Death:    12 Nov 1874

Spouse:    , Capt. Joshua Perkins
Marr:    25 Jan 1826 William Vaughan Jordan

Birth:    31 Jul 1804

Spouse:    Catherine Osgood Poor
Marr:    10 Nov 1836 Dominicus Jordan

Birth:    4 Aug 1807
Death:    14 Jan 1882

married cousin

Spouse:    Jane Caroline Scamman
Father:    Aaron Scamman Scammon (1775-1856)
Mother:    Jane Deering (1780-1819)
Marr:    29 Dec 1834 Sarah Olive Jordan

Birth:    8 Jul 1810
Death:    29 Nov 1885

married cousin

Spouse:    Isaac Hinckley Scamman
Birth:    29 Jul 1813, Saco, ME
Death:    4 Apr 1874
Father:    Aaron Scamman Scammon (1775-1856)
Mother:    Jane Deering (1780-1819)
Marr:    24 Jan 1848 Sarah Jordan

(See duplicate branch above) Ichabod Goodwin

Birth:    17 Aug 1732
Death:    died young Humphrey Goodwin

Birth:    25 Dec 1735
Death:    26 Aug 1736 Mary Goodwin*

Birth:    24 Jan 1736
Death:    16 Apr 1774

3 children by 1st marriage

6 children by 2nd marriage

Spouse:    Foxwell Curtis Cutts
Birth:    9 Sep 1730
Death:    22 May 1761
Father:    , Hon. Richard Cutts
Mother:    Eunice Curtis
Marr:    17 Mar 1756

Children:    Richard Foxwell (1757-1830)

Other spouses:    , Rev. John Fairfield Richard Foxwell Curtis

Birth:    3 Jun 1757
Death:    1 Sep 1830

Spouse:    Elizabeth Cutts
Birth:    30 Dec 1766, Saco, ME
Death:    10 Feb 1810
Father:    , Col. Thomas Cutts (1736-1821)
Mother:    Elizabeth Scammon (1745-1803)
Marr:    9 Jan 1785 Mary Goodwin* (See above)

Spouse:    , Rev. John Fairfield
Birth:    26 Dec 1736
Death:    16 Dec 1819
Marr:    20 Jul 1762

Children:    Elizabeth (1765-1844)

Other spouses:    Foxwell Curtis Cutts Elizabeth Fairfield*

Birth:    25 Aug 1765
Death:    12 Jun 1844

Spouse:    James Scammon
Birth:    30 Jan 1763, Haverhill, MA
Death:    4 Oct 1789, Wells, ME
Father:    Col. James Scammon (1742-1804)
Mother:    Hannah Page (1742-1821)
Marr:    20 Dec 1785

Children:    John Fairfield (1786-1858)
William (1788-1816)

Other spouses:    John Storer John Fairfield Scammon1

Birth:    24 Oct 1786, Wells, ME
Death:    23 May 1858, Saco, ME

John was a member of the 29th Congress, representing the 1st District of Maine. He was a member of the committee that designed the Maine State Seal.

Spouse:    Sarah Cole1
Birth:    12 Aug 1790
Death:    6 Oct 1873
Father:    , Major Daniel Cole
Mother:    Sarah Evans
Marr:    11 Apr 1814, Saco, York, ME1

Children:    John Quincy Adams (1814-1898)
Hannah Page (1816-)
Sarah Cutts (1818-1843)
Elizabeth Storer (1820-)
Martha Ann (1823-1907)
Mary Cleaves (1826-1880) John Quincy Adams Scammon Scamman1

(See duplicate branch above) Hannah Page Scammon

Birth:    16 Sep 1816
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Joseph W. Leland
Birth:    31 Jul 1805, Saco, ME
Father:    Joseph Leland
Mother:    Dorcas King
Marr:    6 Jun 1835 Sarah Cutts Scammon

Birth:    14 Jun 1818
Death:    3 Dec 1843, New Orleans, Louisiana

Spouse:    Richard F. Hartley
Death:    6 Sep 1897
Marr:    28 Oct 1839 Elizabeth Storer Scammon

Birth:    26 Mar 1820 Martha Ann Scammon

Birth:    1 Jan 1823
Death:    2 Oct 1907 Mary Cleaves Scammon

Birth:    6 Mar 1826
Death:    21 Jan 1880 William Scammon

Birth:    26 Oct 1788, Wells, ME
Death:    28 Nov 1816, Saco, ME
Occ:    Goldsmith

Spouse:    Rebecca Cleaves
Birth:    7 Mar 1793
Death:    9 Oct 1876
Father:    Jonathan Cleaves
Mother:    Hannah Warren
Marr:    8 Apr 1810

Children:    James (1811-)
William Gooch (1813-)
Jonathan Cleaves (1815-1815)
Elizabeth (1816-) James Scammon

Birth:    31 May 1811, York County, ME

Spouse:    Abba Cobb
Marr:    18 Oct 1834

Children:    Charles William (1836-)
Caroline Elizabeth (1839-)
Abigail Abba Ann (1841-) Charles William Scammon

Birth:    23 Oct 1836

According to Larry E. Wilson on genforum.com: Charles and family removed to Charlestown, Middlesex Co., MA and are found in the 1850 MA census on roll 322 page 93. Caroline Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    12 May 1839 Abigail Abba Ann Scammon

Birth:    29 Jan 1841

LDS records show her birth as 20 Nov 1841, Civil, Portland, Cumberland Cty., ME

Spouse:    Elias James Spencer William Gooch Scammon

Birth:    26 Jun 1813 Jonathan Cleaves Scammon

Birth:    15 Feb 1815
Death:    26 Feb 1815 Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    25 Jan 1816 Elizabeth Fairfield* (See above)

Spouse:    John Storer
Marr:    19 May 1793

Other spouses:    James Scammon Ichabod Fairfield

Spouse:    Sarah Nason
Birth:    1770
Death:    22 Jun 1830

Children:    John John Fairfield

Birth:    Saco, ME
Occ:    the only Governor of Maine born in Saco, ME Ichabod Goodwin

Birth:    23 Feb 1739
Death:    died young Dominicus Goodwin*

Birth:    24 Apr 1741

4 children

Spouse:    Hannah Hill
Birth:    abt 1740
Death:    10 Mar 1772
Father:    Capt. Elisha Hill
Mother:    Mary Plaisted
Marr:    12 Jul 1763

Other spouses:    Mrs. Betsey (Littlefield) Perkins Dominicus Goodwin* (See above)

Spouse:    Mrs. Betsey (Littlefield) Perkins
Marr:    1772

Other spouses:    Hannah Hill Ichabod Goodwin

Birth:    14 May 1743
Death:    25 May 1829
Occ:    was a Major General during the Revolution; Sheriff of York

Major General during the Revolution. Sheriff of York County, ME. 4 children.

Spouse:    Mary Wallingford
Birth:    abt 1751
Death:    21 May 1825, at age 74
Father:    Thomas Wallingford
Mother:    Abigail Hill Samuel Goodwin

Birth:    17 Aug 1745 Elizabeth Goodwin

Birth:    25 Dec 1748 Sally Goodwin

Birth:    21 Apr 1745

Spouse:    Temple Hight
Father:    William Hight
Mother:    Elizabeth
Marr:    24 Sep 1772 Mary Scammon

Birth:    1713
Death:    13 Sep 1746, Quebec, Canada

In June 1724, while visiting the home of her cousin, Roger Deering, in Scarboro, ME, she was captured by Indians & taken to Canada.  It is said that being a bright girl, she attracted the attention of Gov. Vaudreil, who took her into his family. She was educated & in impressive ceremonies, was converted to the Catholic faith.  After her wedding, news of Mary’s fate reached Saco & her brother, Humphrey, made a trip to Quebec to see his long lost sister.  Humphrey was well received & enjoyed a long visit.  Since Mary was taken from her home at an early age, she remembered very little of her family & since she was quite content, did not desire to return to Saco.

Spouse:    Sieur de Tonnanc Louis Joseph Godefroy,
Father:    Rene Godefroy Sarah Scammon2

Birth:    1715
Death:    2 Sep 1738

Spouse:    Joseph Hanson2
Birth:    10 Jan 17042
Death:    5 Sep 1758
Father:    Tobias Hanson
Mother:    Ann Lord
Marr:    25 Aug 1737

Children:    Humphrey (1738-1766) Humphrey Hanson

Birth:    27 Aug 1738
Death:    3 Nov 1766

4 children

Spouse:    Joanna Watson
Father:    Isaac Watson Humphrey Scammon

Birth:    2 Mar 1717
Death:    in Kittery, ME at a great age

Spouse:    Susanna Suzannah Shapleigh1
Birth:    30 Apr 1722, Kittery, ME
Death:    1784, killed by lightening
Father:    Nicholas Shapleigh
Mother:    Martha Langdon
Marr:    Oct 1738

Children:    Sarah
Elizabeth (1749-1838)
Dominicus (1749-)
Andrew Pepperell (1751-)
Susanna (1753-)
Martha (-~1810)
Nicholas (~1757-) Sarah Scammon

Death:    died young Humphrey Scammon

Spouse:    Elizabeth Richardson
Birth:    9 Jul 1742
Father:    Joseph Richardson
Mother:    Judith Gribble
Marr:    22 Feb 1770

Children:    William (1771-1840)
Elizabeth (-1819)
Nicholas (-1825)
Humphrey (-1817) William Scammon

Birth:    1771
Death:    25 Dec 1840
Educ:    lived in Eliot, ME

Spouse:    Lois Woodman
Birth:    1795
Death:    2 Mar 1834
Marr:    20 Feb 1815

Children:    Sarah (1816-1912)
Martha E. (1820-) Sarah Scammon

Birth:    21 Feb 1816
Death:    25 Nov 1912

Unmarried Martha E. Scammon

Birth:    22 Aug 1820

Spouse:    Jeremiah Paul Shapleigh
Birth:    30 Jan 1821
Death:    15 Dec 1877
Father:    Levi Jenness Shapleigh
Mother:    Mary Paul
Marr:    24 Dec 1843

Children:    George W. (1844-)
Mary Louise (1846-1876)
Levi Albert (1849-)
Herman Preston (1851-) George W. Shapleigh

Birth:    7 Dec 1844 Mary Louise Shapleigh

Birth:    3 Aug 1846
Death:    25 Nov 1876 Levi Albert Shapleigh

Birth:    7 Feb 1849 Herman Preston Shapleigh

Birth:    10 Oct 1851 Martha Scammon

Spouse:    Isaac Hanson
Marr:    14 Sep 1794

Children:    Hiram (1809-) Hiram Hanson

Birth:    10 Oct 1809

Spouse:    Eliza Gerrish
Birth:    17 Oct 1810
Marr:    13 Jun 1831 Dominicus Scammon

Death:    died young Mary Scammon

Spouse:    Nathan Flanders
Marr:    7 Nov 1802 Elizabeth Scammon

Death:    25 Nov 1819, Lebanon, ME

Spouse:    Moses Stevens
Birth:    abt 1781
Death:    27 Dec 1844
Father:    Samuel Stevens
Mother:    Abigail
Marr:    5 Mar 1809 Nicholas Scammon

Death:    17 Feb 1825

was Nicholas a twin to Olive?

Spouse:    Sarah A. Frost
Birth:    13 Sep 1792
Death:    25 Aug 1860
Father:    Eliot Frost
Mother:    Jane Clark
Marr:    17 Apr 1814

Children:    Eliot Frost (1814-1891)
Humphrey (1822-1903)
Mary E.
John Frost (1817-1875) Eliot Frost Scammon

Birth:    14 Dec 1814
Death:    16 Dec 1891

No children

Spouse:    Sarah A. (Bracey) Frost
Birth:    11 Apr 1823, York, ME
Death:    21 Aug 1915
Father:    Levi Bracey
Mother:    Mary Quimby
Marr:    6 May 1868 Humphrey Scammon*

Birth:    22 Dec 1822
Death:    25 Mar 1903

Spouse:    Mary Elizabeth Shapleigh
Birth:    9 Jul 1825
Death:    24 Oct 1859
Father:    Thomas Shapleigh
Mother:    Mary Hammond
Marr:    7 Sep 1849

Children:    Mary Elizabeth (1851-)
Annie Emerline (1853-1897)
Sarah Fannie (1857-1876)

Other spouses:    Sarah Ann Harmon Mary Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    7 Sep 1851

Spouse:    , Jr. Nathan Crocker
Marr:    28 Nov 1876 Annie Emerline Scammon

Birth:    29 Jul 1853
Death:    3 Sep 1897 Sarah Fannie Scammon

Birth:    30 Nov 1857
Death:    27 Oct 1876 Humphrey Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Sarah Ann Harmon
Birth:    16 Mar 1835
Death:    27 Sep 1915
Father:    Henry Harmon
Mother:    Ruth Harmon

Children:    Ruth Ella (1862-1863)
Thomas Harmon (1867-1954)

Other spouses:    Mary Elizabeth Shapleigh Ruth Ella Scammon

Birth:    1862
Death:    19 Jun 1863 Thomas Harmon Scammon

Birth:    14 Jul 1867, Madison, NH
Death:    14 Feb 1954, Newton, MA
Educ:    graduate Bates College, Lewiston, ME, 1899; see notes

Thomas was a graduate of Bates College, Lewiston, ME, in 1899, and of  Cobb Divinity School in 1901. He was ordained as a Free Baptist Minister in Richmond, ME on July 9, 1901.

Spouse:    Nina F. Landman
Birth:    16 May 1876, S. Londonderry, VT
Death:    14 Feb 1958, Newton, MA
Father:    John T. Landman
Mother:    Martha J. Aiken
Marr:    25 Jul 1901

Children:    Carrie Evelyn (1902-1973)
John Harmon (1905-1994) Carrie Evelyn Scammon

Birth:    25 May 1902, Richmond, ME
Death:    May 1973, Newton, MA John Harmon Scammon

Birth:    4 Oct 1905, East Rochester, NH
Death:    4 Aug 1994, Concord, NH
Occ:    Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament; see notes
Educ:    Bates College 27

John was a Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament at Andover-Newton Theological School in Newton Centre, MA. Was he the John H Scammon, author of “If I could find God” and “The Book of Proverbs”?

Spouse:    Margaret Morris

Children:    Ruth Elizabeth
James Peter Ruth Elizabeth Scammon

Spouse:    Kenneth A. Sargent
Death:    19 May 1997

Children:    David
Andrew David Sargent John Sargent Andrew Sargent James Peter Scammon Mary E. Scammon

Spouse:    Francis Weymouth
Marr:    7 Dec 1843 Pepperell Scammon

Occ: Drafted into Army during Aroostook War John Frost Scammon1

Birth:    1817, Eliot, York, ME1
Death:    15 Mar 18751

Spouse:    Sarah Ann Weymouth1
Marr:    3 Jan 1846, N. Berwick, York, ME1 Olive Scammon

was Olive a twin to Nicholas? Humphrey Scammon

Death: 10 May 1817 John Scammon1

Death: died young Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    29 Nov 1749
Death:    22 Mar 1838 Dominicus Scammon

Birth:    1749 Andrew Pepperell Scammon

Birth:    24 Nov 1751 Susanna Scammon

Birth:    16 Dec 1753 Martha Scammon

Death:    abt 1810

Spouse:    , Capt. Charles Frost
Birth:    17 Jul 1751
Death:    1 Jan 1822
Father:    Charles Frost
Mother:    Sarah Raynes
Marr:    29 Nov 1780

Children:    Sarah (1781-)
Samuel (1782-1850)
Nicholas (1795-1838) Sarah Frost

Birth:    6 Sep 1781 Samuel Frost

Birth:    27 Oct 1782
Death:    1850, Dixmont, ME Nicholas Frost

Birth:    7 May 1795
Death:    13 Apr 1838, Saco, ME

6 children

Spouse:    Hannah Hutchins
Birth:    28 Aug 1802
Father:    Nathaniel Hutchins
Mother:    Charity Emery
Marr:    30 Dec 1818 Nicholas Scammon

Birth:    abt 1757
Educ:    of Eliot, ME; see notes

He enlisted in the Army on Aug. 9, 1776 and served as a Private in Capt. S. Leighton’s Company.  He was discharged about Nov. 30, 1776 and lived in Eliot, ME. Dominicus Scammon

Birth:    22 May 1719, Saco, ME
Death:    1745

They lived on the Ferry Road, in Saco, a little below the present cemetery (Laurel Hill). They both died of a malignant fever, which was brought back by those who returned from the battle at Louisburg. Their 2 children were raised by their maternal grandmother, Rebecca Smith.

Spouse:    Rebecca Smith
Birth:    12 Oct 1724
Death:    1745
Father:    Capt. Daniel Smith
Mother:    Rebecca Emery
Marr:    1741

Children:    Dominicus (1742-1824)
Elizabeth (1745-1803) Dominicus Scammon

Birth:    7 Feb 1742, Saco, ME
Death:    6 Jan 1824, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Hannah Tarbox
Death:    11 Jan 1823
Father:    Joseph Tarbox
Mother:    Mary Belcher
Marr:    14 Sep 1762

Children:    Benjamin (1763-)
Rebecca (1766-1829)
Nathaniel (1768-1811)
Mary (1771-1795)
Hannah (1773-1865)
Elizabeth (1774-1847)
Sarah (1776-1811)
Dominicus (1778-1833)
Olive (1779-1853)
Lydia (1781-1869)
Eunice (1782-)
Joseph H. (1788-1871) Benjamin Scamman

Birth:    6 Mar 1763, Saco, ME
Educ:    lived on Old Orchard Road, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Mary Redlon
Death:    1 Jan 1834, Saco, ME
Father:    Daniel Redlon
Mother:    Patience Sands
Marr:    2 Dec 1783

Children:    Mary (1785-)
Susanna (1787-)
Nathaniel (1789-)
Benjamin (1791-1859)
Lewis (1793-1794)
Ruth (1795-)
Elizabeth Gray (1797-)
Olive (1801-)
William (1805-)
Olive (1809-) Mary Scamman

Birth:    4 Aug 1785, Saco, ME

Spouse:    James Bradbury
Marr:    12 Jun 1803

Children:    Rufus (1804-1805)
Octavia (1807-)
Nathaniel Scamman (1809-) Rufus Bradbury

Birth:    27 Oct 1804
Death:    7 Sep 1805 Octavia Bradbury

Birth:    17 Aug 1807

Spouse:    Joseph W. Lane
Birth:    1808
Father:    Jabez Lane
Mother:    Mary Knowlton Nathaniel Scamman Bradbury

Birth:    13 Jun 1809 Susanna Scamman

Birth:    19 Feb 1787, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Theodore Hutchins
Marr:    2 Apr 1808 Nathaniel Scamman

Birth:    9 Feb 1789, Saco, ME Benjamin Scamman*

Birth:    16 Feb 1791, Saco, ME
Death:    27 Sep 1859

Spouse:    Sally Blaisdell
Birth:    1793
Death:    9 Nov 1818
Marr:    19 Oct 1811

Other spouses:    Abigail Curtis, Lucy Whitten, Lydia Milliken, Elizabeth Gilpatrick Benjamin Scamman* (See above)

Spouse:    Abigail Curtis
Birth:    1796
Death:    25 Nov 1826
Marr:    11 Nov 1819

Children:    Charles Ferdinand (1820-1835)
Nathaniel Lewis (1822-1849)
Augustus Lord (1825-1874)

Other spouses:    Sally Blaisdell, Lucy Whitten, Lydia Milliken, Elizabeth Gilpatrick Charles Ferdinand Scamman

Birth:    9 Dec 1820, Saco, ME
Death:    27 Aug 1835, at North Island, near Georgetown, SC Nathaniel Lewis Scamman

Birth:    9 Sep 1822, Saco, ME
Death:    27 Nov 1849, San Francisco, CA Augustus Lord Scamman Scammon

Birth:    25 Feb 1825, Saco, ME
Death:    12 Sep 1874, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Hannah E. Lewis
Birth:    1829
Death:    10 Mar 1898
Father:    George W. Lewis
Mother:    Margaret Webster
Marr:    4 Jul 1848

Children:    Algia A. (1854-1931)
Llewellyn Augustus (1863-1938) Algia A. Scamman Scammon3

Birth:    Sep 18543
Death:    27 Sep 19313

Spouse:    Alvin B. Leavitt3
Marr:    12 Mar 1878 Ida Scamman

Spouse:    Fred Williams Llewellyn Augustus Scamman

Birth:    28 Oct 1863, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Jul 1938, Los Angeles, CA

Spouse:    Lillie Marshall Durfee
Birth:    23 Apr 1868, Stoneham, MA
Death:    3 Oct 1951
Marr:    14 Jul 1889, Stoneham, MA

Children:    Elton Augustus (1890-1964)
Fred Llewellyn (1893-)
Bernice Marie (1897-)
Laura Vivian (1902-1967) Elton Augustus Scamman

Birth:    14 Feb 1890, Haverhill, MA
Death:    12 Mar 1964, Lake Worth, FL
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Leila Davidson
Birth:    13 Aug 1896, Kipton, OH
Marr:    13 Sep 1916 Fred Llewellyn Scamman

Birth:    2 Feb 1893, Haverhill, MA

Spouse:    Marion C. Smith
Birth:    15 Jan 1896, Haverhill, MA
Marr:    18 Apr 1916, Haverhill, MA

Children:    Frederick Llewellyn
Phyllis Marion Frederick Llewellyn Scamman

Spouse:    Edith L. Mansfield
Father:    Albert H. Mansfield
Mother:    Edith J. Bigham

Children:    Andrea Lee
Karen Edith
Craig Mansfield
Lisa Eileen Andrea Lee Scamman Karen Edith Scamman Craig Mansfield Scamman Lisa Eileen Scamman Phyllis Marion Scamman

Spouse:    Donald Wallace MacDougall
Father:    Daniel N. MacDougall
Mother:    Eva L. Perkins

Children:    David Brian
Christine Fay David Brian MacDougall Christine Fay MacDougall Bernice Marie Scamman

Birth:    6 May 1897, Haverhill, MA Laura Vivian Scamman

Birth:    28 May 1902, Haverhill, MA
Death:    25 Dec 1967, Waltham, MA

Spouse:    Hazen Goodrich Hale
Birth:    11 Dec 1904, Haverhill, MA
Death:    1967
Father:    Albert B. Hale
Mother:    Minnie M. Drew
Marr:    18 Aug 1925, Montreal, Canada

Children:    Hazen Goodrich Hazen Goodrich Hale

Spouse:    Gail Robinson Benjamin Scamman* (See above)

Spouse:    Lucy Whitten
Birth:    1790
Death:    15 Jul 1835
Marr:    5 Jan 1828

Other spouses:    Sally Blaisdell, Abigail Curtis, Lydia Milliken, Elizabeth Gilpatrick Benjamin Scamman* (See above)

Spouse:    Lydia Milliken
Birth:    Aug 1791
Death:    23 Sep 1852
Marr:    7 Nov 1835

Children:    Lydia Abby (1837-1850)

Other spouses:    Sally Blaisdell, Abigail Curtis, Lucy Whitten, Elizabeth Gilpatrick Lydia Abby Scamman

Birth:    27 Feb 1837, Saco, ME
Death:    17 Sep 1850 Benjamin Scamman* (See above)

Spouse:    Elizabeth Gilpatrick
Marr:    13 Jul 1853

Other spouses:    Sally Blaisdell, Abigail Curtis, Lucy Whitten, Lydia Milliken Lewis Scamman

Birth:    3 Mar 1793, Saco, ME
Death:    7 Feb 1794 Ruth Scamman

Birth:    19 Mar 1795, Saco, ME Elizabeth Gray Scamman

Birth:    4 Oct 1797, Saco, ME Olive Scamman

Birth:    19 Jan 1801, Saco, ME
Death:    died young William Scamman

Birth:    29 Jan 1805, Saco, ME Olive Scamman

Birth:    7 Apr 1809, Saco, ME Rebecca Scammon

Birth:    15 Dec 1766, Saco, ME
Death:    20 Jan 1829

Spouse:    Edward Rumery Jr.
Birth:    3 Jul 1768
Marr:    17 Oct 1789

Children:    James Scammon (1791-)
Hannah (1791-1810)
Edward (1794-)
Mary (1796-)
Dominicus (1799-1826)
Lydia (1802-)
Harriet (1807-) James Scammon Rumery

Birth:    3 Mar 1791

7 children

Spouse:    Lucy Gray
Birth:    14 Nov 1793 Hannah Rumery

Birth:    11 Oct 1791
Death:    16 Sep 1810 Edward Rumery

Birth:    15 Dec 1794 Mary Rumery

Birth:    26 Jan 1796 Dominicus Rumery

Birth:    10 Aug 1799
Death:    19 Dec 1826 Lydia Rumery

Birth:    13 Sep 1802 Harriet Rumery

Birth:    2 Jan 1807 Nathaniel Scammon

Birth:    15 Dec 1768, Saco, ME
Death:    28 Dec 1811

Spouse:    Dorcas Perkins
Birth:    abt 1772
Death:    8 Jan 1818, at the age of 46
Marr:    11 Jul 1793

Children:    Dorcas (1799-)
Jane (1802-1897)
Mary (1804-)
Joseph (1807-)
Hannah (1810-) Dorcas Scammon

Birth:    10 Jun 1799

Spouse:    David Buckminster
Birth:    2 Mar 1786
Marr:    18 Nov 1818

Children:    Hannah Rice
Ann Fiske
Ellen Means
George Bradbourne Hannah Rice Buckminster Joseph Buckminster Ann Fiske Buckminster Ellen Means Buckminster George Bradbourne Buckminster Jane Scammon

Birth:    29 Mar 1802
Death:    17 Apr 1897, Portland, ME

Spouse:    Josiah Thatcher
Birth:    30 Jul 1799
Death:    15 Jan 1836
Father:    , Judge George Thatcher
Marr:    16 Sep 1820

Children:    Rebecca Winslow
Josiah (1823-)
Rebecca Winslow (1825-)
Angela (1828-1910)
Lucy Savage (1831-)
Martha Buckminster (1833-) Rebecca Winslow Thatcher

Death:    died young Josiah Thatcher

Birth:    23 Apr 1823 Rebecca Winslow Thatcher

Birth:    24 Oct 1825

Spouse:    George Hall Angela Thatcher

Birth:    22 Jun 1828
Death:    4 Mar 1910, Portland, ME

Spouse:    Charles F. Blaisdell Lucy Savage Thatcher

Birth:    4 Jun 1831

Spouse:    George F. Emery Martha Buckminster Thatcher

Birth:    8 Feb 1833

Spouse:    Charles Osgood Murphy Mary Scammon

Birth:    15 Dec 1804

Spouse:    Samuel Cole
Father:    , Major Daniel Cole
Mother:    Sarah Evans
Marr:    6 Apr 1824

Children:    Amelia Evans (1848-) Amelia Evans Cole

Birth:    21 Jan 1848, Augusta, ME
Educ:    3 children

Spouse:    Albert W. Whittier
Birth:    24 Jul 1840, Readfield, ME
Death:    5 Nov 1894, Chelsea, MA
Marr:    3 Jun 1867 Joseph Scammon

Birth:    15 Sep 1807 Hannah Scammon

Birth:    4 Mar 1810 Mary Scammon

Birth:    17 Nov 1771, Saco, ME
Death:    1795, Buxton, ME

Spouse:    Ezekiel Barnes
Marr:    7 Apr 1791

Children:    Mary Mary Barnes

Spouse:    James Atkinson
Father:    Moses Atkinson
Mother:    Rebecca Woodman Hannah Scammon

Birth:    17 Aug 1773, Saco, ME
Death:    1 Jul 1865 Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    28 Jun 1774, Saco, ME
Death:    28 Apr 1847

Spouse:    Robert Edgecomb
Birth:    4 May 1767
Death:    17 Sep 1832, Hollis, ME
Father:    Samuel Edgecomb
Mother:    Molly Deering
Marr:    30 Jun 1793

Children:    Betsey (1794-1822)
Hannah (1796-1813)
Dorcas (1798-1831)
Sally (1802-1829)
Albert (1805-1824)
Perley G. (1815-)
Hannah (1820-1839) Betsey Edgecomb

Birth:    21 Dec 1794
Death:    25 Jan 1822 Hannah Edgecomb

Birth:    10 Feb 1796
Death:    17 Nov 1813 Dorcas Edgecomb

Birth:    21 Aug 1798
Death:    2 Apr 1831

Spouse:    Jacob Eaton
Marr:    12 Apr 1817 Sally Edgecomb

Birth:    21 Aug 1802
Death:    27 Sep 1829

Spouse:    Amos Woodman
Marr:    17 Feb 1829 Albert Edgecomb

Birth:    14 Feb 1805
Death:    8 Dec 1824 Perley G. Edgecomb

Birth:    7 Nov 1815

Spouse:    Caroline A. Foss
Marr:    9 Apr 1845 Hannah Edgecomb

Birth:    11 Feb 1820
Death:    21 Dec 1839

Spouse:    John Sawyer
Marr:    12 Nov 1837 Sarah Scamman

Birth:    7 Mar 1776, Saco, ME
Death:    25 Feb 1811, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Richard Ridlon
Birth:    Saco, ME
Death:    drowned at sea
Father:    Daniel Redlon
Mother:    Patience Sands
Marr:    20 Sep 1794

Children:    Richard (1795-1880)
Jane (1796-)
Lydia (1798-)
James (1801-)
Noah (1805-1856) Richard Ridlon

Birth:    8 Jan 1795, Saco, Me
Death:    1880

Spouse:    Hannah Chamberlain
Father:    , Deacon Edward Chamberlain Jane Ridlon

Birth:    14 Nov 1796

Married her cousin. No children.

Spouse:    Abraham Ridlon Lydia Ridlon

Birth:    2 Nov 1798
Educ:    never married James Ridlon

Birth:    2 Jan 1801
Death:    died as a young man at sea

Married in England. Was lost at sea when a young man. Noah Ridlon

Birth:    8 Nov 1805
Death:    Oct 1856

Spouse:    Sarah H. Hunt
Birth:    3 Oct 1808
Father:    , Capt. Thomas Hunt
Marr:    1 Jan 1834 Dominicus Scamman

Birth:    24 Jan 1778, Saco, ME
Death:    1833, Hollis, ME
Educ:    lived on the West bank of the Saco River in Hollis, ME

Spouse:    Mary Edgecomb
Birth:    1777
Death:    1847
Marr:    13 Jan 1798

Children:    Sally (1798-)
Polly (1800-)
Tristram (1803-)
Samuel Edwin (1806-1869)
Thomas (1807-)
Elizabeth (1809-1844) Sally Scamman

Birth:    1 Aug 1798 Polly Scamman

Birth:    5 Jun 1800

Spouse:    Lues Waterhouse
Marr:    14 Nov 1818 Tristram Scammon

Birth:    24 Jan 1803, Hollis, ME
Educ:    lived in Lincoln, ME; one known child

Spouse:    Anna Libby
Birth:    15 Sep 1798
Father:    Francis Libby
Mother:    Lucy Moulton
Marr:    18 Dec 1833

Children:    Francis D. (1834-) Francis D. Scamman

Birth:    1834/1840

Spouse:    Hannah Jane Heald
Birth:    14 Jul 1846
Death:    16 Mar 1913
Father:    Andrew J. Heald
Mother:    Mary S. Austin
Marr:    24 Mar 1866, Lincoln, ME

Children:    Minnie L.
Addie O.
Charlotte G.
Herbert Leon (1884-) Minnie L. Scamman

Educ:    3 children

Spouse:    Frank Annis Addie O. Scamman Charlotte G. Scamman Herbert Leon Scamman

Birth:    16 Dec 1884 Samuel Edwin Scamman

Birth:    13 Mar 1806, Hollis, ME
Death:    13 Aug 1869

Spouse:    Sarah Lane Holbrook
Birth:    5 Dec 1813, Swanville, ME
Death:    3 Sep 1885, Hollis, ME

Children:    Henry (1838-1863)
Albert D. (1841-1851)
Charles Edwin (1846-1913)
John Coburn (1850-1852)
Emma J. (1853-1906) Henry Scamman

Birth:    25 Nov 1838
Death:    25 Dec 1863 Albert D. Scamman

Birth:    20 Dec 1841
Death:    20 Aug 1851 Charles Edwin Scamman

Birth:    22 Jan 1846
Death:    29 May 1913

Spouse:    Eunice A. Randall
Birth:    20 Jan 1855, Limington, ME
Death:    23 Jun 1929, Hollis, ME
Father:    Noah Randall
Mother:    Susan Huntress
Marr:    20 Jan 1875

Children:    John Leslie (1876-1949)
Alice May (1878-1964)
Benjamin Randall (1885-1963)
Alta Jessie (1896-) John Leslie Scamman

Birth:    7 Nov 1876, Hollis, ME
Death:    18 May 1949, Portland, ME

Spouse:    Agnes M. Duff
Birth:    29 Aug 1879, Old Orchard Beach, ME
Death:    12 Apr 1934, Portland, ME
Father:    John W. Duff
Mother:    Irene Milliken

Children:    Charles Wesley (1901-1967)
Leslie Randall Charles Wesley Scamman

Birth:    17 Nov 1901, Old Orchard Beach, ME
Death:    14 Nov 1967, Houston, TX
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Inez Gibson Leslie Randall Scamman

Spouse:    Jessie Dee Oman
Father:    Jesse D. Oman
Mother:    Kittie Bailey

Children:    Barbara Lynn Barbara Lynn Scamman Alice May Scamman

Birth:    23 Oct 1878, Hollis, ME
Death:    18 Oct 1964, Portland, ME

Spouse:    William Deering Hobson
Birth:    26 Jul 1871, West Buxton, ME
Death:    30 Nov 1935, Portland, ME
Father:    Alvin Hobson
Mother:    Sarah Johnson
Marr:    6 Jun 1900, Hollis, ME

Children:    Lucile Alice
Ralph William Lucile Alice Hobson

Spouse:    Bonaparte O. Abbott
Birth:    28 Jan 1898, Portland, ME
Father:    Elmer E. Abbott
Mother:    Cora Benson Ralph William Hobson

Spouse:    Nellie Ross Benjamin Randall Scamman

Birth:    15 Sep 1885, Hollis, ME
Death:    7 Oct 1963, Hollis, ME

Spouse:    Etta Wakefield
Birth:    29 Jan 1886, Hollis, ME
Death:    15 Nov 1962, Hollis, ME

Children:    Phyllis Lucille` (1912-1915)
Arlene Avis (1913-1913)
Lucian Hollis
Edwin Randall (1916-1917) Phyllis Lucille` Scamman

Birth:    15 Apr 1912
Death:    13 Aug 1915 Arlene Avis Scamman

Birth:    19 Jul 1913
Death:    19 Jul 1913, died at birth Lucian Hollis Scamman

Spouse:    Jane Bruce
Birth:    1 Mar 1919, Saginaw, MI
Death:    6 Oct 1969, Portland, ME
Father:    Roy F. Bruce
Mother:    Alvina Danford

Children:    David Roy
Nancy Jane
Mary Phyllis
Susan Dell (1950-1950) David Roy Scamman Nancy Jane Scamman

Spouse:    Frederick Cole, Jr. Mary Phyllis Scamman

Spouse:    Richard A. Kierstead Susan Dell Scamman

Birth:    31 May 1950, Saco, ME
Death:    1 Jun 1950, Saco, ME; died as a baby Edwin Randall Scamman

Birth:    8 Nov 1916
Death:    10 Jan 1917 Alta Jessie Scamman

Birth:    7 May 1896, Hollis, ME

Spouse:    Lamont Usher
Birth:    3 Feb 1897, Hollis, ME
Father:    Preston M. Usher
Mother:    Lillian Davis
Marr:    10 Nov 1923, Hollis, ME

Children:    Shirley
Carolyn Shirley Usher

Spouse:    David Towle Carolyn Usher

Spouse:    Harlan Goff John Coburn Scamman

Birth:    7 Apr 1850
Death:    7 Oct 1852 Emma J. Scamman

Birth:    12 Nov 1853
Death:    12 Jun 1906

Spouse:    Benjamin F. Randall
Birth:    5 Aug 1853
Death:    24 Nov 1882
Father:    Noah Randall
Mother:    Susan Huntress
Marr:    21 Feb 1874 Thomas Scamman

Birth:    30 Sep 1807
Educ:    lived in Enfield, ME Elizabeth Scamman

Birth:    1809
Death:    20 Jan 1844
Educ:    Unmarried Olive Scammon

Birth:    22 Dec 1779, Saco, ME
Death:    31 Jul 1853

No children Lydia Scamman

Birth:    4 Feb 1781, Saco, ME
Death:    5 Oct 1869

Spouse:    Nathaniel Ridlon
Birth:    5 Aug 1773, Saco, ME
Death:    25 Oct 1816, drowned in Saco River
Father:    Jeremiah Ridlon
Mother:    Bethesda Townsend
Marr:    3 Nov 1799

Children:    Eunice Cutts (1800-1833)
Betsey (1803-)
Bradstreet (1806-)
Francis (1808-1830)
Olive Scamman (1811-)
Sarah Abigail (1814-1881) Eunice Cutts Ridlon

Birth:    8 Aug 1800
Death:    10 Jun 1833

Spouse:    Abraham Forsskoll
Birth:    abt 1790, native of Sweden
Death:    27 May 1864, at age 74
Marr:    30 Sep 1822 Betsey Ridlon

Birth:    25 Feb 1803
Death:    died young, unmarried Bradstreet Ridlon

Birth:    6 Apr 1806
Death:    died unmarried Francis Ridlon

Birth:    29 Oct 1808
Death:    3 Feb 1830 Olive Scamman Ridlon

Birth:    22 Sep 1811

Spouse:    Cyrenus Field
Marr:    20 Aug 1843 Sarah Abigail Ridlon

Birth:    31 Oct 1814
Death:    1881

Spouse:    Barnabas Cutter
Marr:    8 Jan 1834 Eunice Scammon*

Birth:    26 Aug 1782, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Jacob Libby
Birth:    abt 1780, Chichester, NH
Death:    1811, lost at sea
Father:    Enoch Libby
Mother:    Mary Newbegin
Marr:    18 May 1806

Children:    Isaac (1807-)
Jacob (1810-)

Other spouses:    , Capt. Jacob Warren Isaac Libby

Birth:    15 Jan 1807 Jacob Libby

Birth:    1810 Eunice Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    , Capt. Jacob Warren

Other spouses:    Jacob Libby Joseph H. Scammon*

Birth:    8 Jan 1788, Saco, ME
Death:    25 Sep 1871

Spouse:    Sarah Marshall
Birth:    11 Feb 1786
Death:    27 Jul 1810
Father:    William Marshall
Mother:    Sally

Other spouses:    Abigail Cogswell Marshall Joseph H. Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Abigail Cogswell Marshall
Birth:    23 May 1792
Death:    4 Feb 1876
Father:    William Marshall
Mother:    Sally
Marr:    28 Nov 1810

Children:    Sarah Ann (1811-)
William Marshall (1814-1905)
Abigail (1821-)
Isabel F. (1823-1844)
Mary E. (1828-)

Other spouses:    Sarah Marshall Sarah Ann Scammon*

Birth:    15 Sep 1811

Spouse:    Benjamin Jones
Marr:    22 Dec 1829

Children:    Joseph Randall (1830-)
Benjamin (1832-)

Other spouses:    John H. Emery Joseph Randall Jones

Birth:    31 Jan 1830 Benjamin Jones

Birth:    7 Oct 1832 Sarah Ann Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    John H. Emery
Birth:    4 Sep 1805, Buxton, ME
Father:    Nathaniel Emery
Mother:    Jane Harmon

Children:    Angelina (1836-)
Nathaniel (1838-)

Other spouses:    Benjamin Jones Angelina Emery

Birth:    30 Apr 1836 Nathaniel Emery

Birth:    6 May 1838 William Marshall Scammon

Birth:    22 Sep 1814
Death:    9 Mar 1905

Spouse:    Ada E.
Birth:    8 May 1818
Death:    13 Feb 1910

Children:    Abbie Louise (1843-)
Thiosa Chase (1845-1902) Abbie Louise Scammon

Birth:    24 May 1843, Civil, Portland, Cumberland Cty., ME

Spouse:    Ichabod Melville Leighton
Marr:    23 Apr 1863, Westbrook, Cumberland Cty., ME Thiosa Chase Scammon

Birth:    23 Jul 1845
Death:    17 Dec 1902 Abigail Scammon

Birth:    Apr 1821, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Augustine Littlefield
Marr:    15 Jul 1841, Maine Isabel F. Scammon

Birth:    Oct 1823
Death:    26 Jan 1844 Mary E. Scammon

Birth:    Mar 1828

Spouse:    James L. Willey
Marr:    4 Jul 1847 Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    11 Mar 1745, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Jan 1803, Saco, ME
Educ:    See notes

Her husband was a very prominent man. They lived at the top of York Hill, in Saco, ME

Spouse:    , Col. Thomas Cutts
Birth:    5 Apr 1736
Death:    10 Jan 1821
Father:    , Hon. Richard Cutts
Mother:    Eunice Curtis
Marr:    24 Aug 1762

Children:    Mary (1763-1796)
Foxwell (1765-1816)
Elizabeth (1766-1810)
Thomas (1769-1839)
Richard (1771-1845)
Sarah (1774-1845)
Dominicus (1778-1844)
Eunice (1782-1853) Mary Cutts

Birth:    19 Jul 1763, Saco, ME
Death:    27 Mar 1796

2 children

Spouse:    , Esq. Samuel Abbott
Birth:    19 Jul 1760
Death:    8 May 1792
Father:    , Col. George Abbott
Mother:    Hannah Lovejoy
Marr:    24 Jun 1788 Foxwell Cutts*

Birth:    7 Apr 1765, Saco, ME
Death:    6 Jun 1816

Was his first wife, Sarah Andrews Scammon, a 1st cousin? 4 children by 2nd marriage.

Spouse:    Sarah Andrews Scammon
Birth:    16 Oct 1768, Haverhill, MA
Death:    1 Aug 1806
Father:    Col. James Scammon (1742-1804)
Mother:    Hannah Page (1742-1821)
Marr:    2 Aug 1789

Other spouses:    Hannah Dustin Page Foxwell Cutts* (See above)

Spouse:    Hannah Dustin Page
Birth:    25 Apr 1784
Death:    14 Aug 1847
Father:    Daniel Page
Mother:    Lydia Haines
Marr:    24 Jun 1807

Other spouses:    Sarah Andrews Scammon Elizabeth Cutts

(See duplicate branch above) Thomas Cutts*

Birth:    8 Jun 1769, Saco, ME
Death:    17 Jul 1839

4 children

Spouse:    Elizabeth Hight
Death:    30 Sep 1803
Marr:    31 Jan 1802

Other spouses:    Mary Augusta Cook Thomas Cutts* (See above)

Spouse:    Mary Augusta Cook
Death:    3 Jun 1866
Father:    , Hon. Orchard Cook
Mother:    Mary Hodge

Children:    Julia Augusta (1826-1868)

Other spouses:    Elizabeth Hight Julia Augusta Cutler Cutts

Birth:    26 Nov 1826
Death:    28 May 1868

Spouse:    John Quincy Adams Scammon Scamman1
Birth:    2 Dec 1814, Saco, ME1
Death:    19 Feb 1898, Saco, ME
Father:    John Fairfield Scammon (1786-1858)
Mother:    Sarah Cole (1790-1873)
Marr:    25 Jun 1845

Children:    Ella Adelaide (1850-)
Albert Quincy (1852-1918)
Annie Leland (1860-1945)
Walter Evans (1862-1925)
Alice Cutts (1864-) Ella Adelaide Scammon

Birth:    11 Oct 1850, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Benjamin N. Goodale
Marr:    30 Jan 1873

Children:    John Leland (1874-)
Stephen Lincoln (1875-1897)
Samuel Perley (1881-) John Leland Goodale

Birth:    21 May 1874, Saco, ME Stephen Lincoln Goodale

Birth:    31 Aug 1875, Saco, ME
Death:    5 Nov 1897 Samuel Perley Goodale

Birth:    8 May 1881, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Alice May Leonard
Marr:    11 Apr 1909, Saco, ME Albert Quincy Scammon

Birth:    18 Nov 1852
Death:    17 Feb 1918, Brattleboro, VT
Occ:    He was an actor Annie Leland Scammon

Birth:    30 Mar 1860
Death:    8 Aug 1945 Walter Evans Scammon

Birth:    4 Nov 1862
Death:    12 Sep 1925 Alice Cutts Scammon

Birth:    2 Oct 1864

Spouse:    Dr. Charles R. Parke
Marr:    26 Oct 1888 Richard Cutts

Birth:    28 Jun 1771, Saco, ME
Death:    7 Apr 1845
Occ:    Assistant Secretary of the Treasury

7 children

Spouse:    Anna Payne
Death:    14 Aug 1832
Father:    John Payne
Mother:    Mary Coles
Marr:    31 Mar 1804 Sarah Cutts

Birth:    20 Mar 1774, Saco, ME
Death:    7 Nov 1845

12 children

Spouse:    Thomas Gilbert Thornton
Birth:    31 Aug 1768, Boston, MA
Death:    4 Mar 1824, Saco, ME
Father:    Timothy Thornton
Mother:    Eunice Brown
Marr:    26 Nov 1793 Dominicus Cutts

Birth:    4 May 1778, Saco, ME
Death:    9 May 1844

No children

Spouse:    Polly Chadbourne
Birth:    1780
Death:    16 Dec 1853
Marr:    23 Apr 1832 Eunice Cutts

Birth:    30 May 1782, Saco, ME
Death:    26 Oct 1853

10 children

Spouse:    , Major Samuel Nye
Birth:    27 Aug 1777, Harwich, MA
Death:    4 Mar 1826, Saco, ME
Father:    , Deacon Joseph Nye
Marr:    20 Sep 1803 James Scammon

Birth:    1 Aug 1721, Saco, ME
Death:    1753

Spouse:    Hannah Plaisted
Birth:    30 May 1725
Death:    24 Mar 1801
Father:    Col. Elisha Plaisted
Mother:    Hannah Wheelwright
Marr:    1741

Children:    James (1742-1804)
Hannah (1743-1771)
Nathaniel (1746-1820)
Elizabeth (-1801)
Mary (1752-) Col. James Scammon

Birth:    16 Mar 1742, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Oct 1804, Saco, ME

Early in 1775, Col Scammon led the 30th Regiment of  Foote to Cambridge, MA and was there about one year.
Owing to a serious error of judgment or to misinformation, he escaped the glory of being on Bunker Hill at the proper time. For this error, he was tried by a Court Martial and he was honorably acquitted.  Soon after the trial, he left the Army. Evidently a man of ability, he lacked those elements of character which command success at the critical moment of grave responsibility, but possessed qualities which endeared him to his contemporaries and enabled him to shine in less demanding positions. After his military experience, he entered into business with his brother, Nathaniel, in Saco, ME. He later lived in Buxton, ME. His epitaph, which was selected by the Hon. Cyrus King, denotes the esteem in which he was held by his friends:

“This stone to strangers may impart
The place where Scammon lies;
But every friend consults his heart,
For there he never dies.”

Spouse:    Hannah Page
Birth:    20 Feb 1742
Death:    25 Jan 1821
Father:    Joshua Page
Mother:    Hannah Dustin
Marr:    8 Jul 1762, Haverhill, MA

Children:    James (1763-1789)
Daniel Appleton (1764-1795)
Nathaniel (1767-1810)
Sarah Andrews (1768-1806)
William (1770-1788) James Scammon

(See duplicate branch above) Daniel Appleton Scammon

Birth:    12 Dec 1764, Haverhill, MA
Death:    25 Apr 1795, of yellow fever at Demarara in West Indies
Occ:    Sea captain

Spouse:    Sarah Nason
Birth:    1770
Death:    22 Jun 1830
Marr:    10 Sep 1790

Children:    Sarah Cutts (1792-1817)
Daniel Appleton (1794-1816) Sarah Cutts Scammon

Birth:    1 Oct 1792
Death:    7 May 1817 Daniel Appleton Scammon

Birth:    11 Apr 1794
Death:    Oct 1816, drowned at sea Nathaniel Scammon Scammons3

Birth:    3 Mar 1767, Haverhill, MA
Death:    23 Mar 1810
Occ:    Sea captain

No children

Spouse:    Abigail Harris Burnham3
Birth:    9 Aug 17723
Death:    27 Feb 1853
Father:    , Capt. Solomon Burnham
Marr:    19 Feb 17953 Sarah Andrews Scammon

(See duplicate branch above) William Scammon

Birth:    17 Sep 1770, Haverhill, MA
Death:    2 Jan 1788, West Indies
Educ:    see notes

Died while on board a schooner captained by his brother, Nathaniel Hannah Scammon

Birth:    1743, Saco, ME
Death:    10 Oct 1771

They had 2 sets of twins

Spouse:    Thomas Donnell Jr.
Marr:    18 Apr 1764

Children:    William
John William Donnell Hannah Donnell Miriam Donnell John Donnell Nathaniel Scammon

Birth:    14 Jul 1746, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Jul 1820

Spouse:    Sarah Jordan
Birth:    19 Jan 1756
Death:    29 Aug 1838
Father:    Col. Tristram Jordan (1731-1821)
Mother:    Hannah Goodwin (1730-1775)
Marr:    19 Jan 1775, Saco, York Cty., ME

Children:    James (1777-1804)
Tristram (1779-1798)
Hannah (1781-1858)
Nathaniel Greene (1783-1784)
Nathaniel Greene (1785-1792)
George (1787-1868)
Harriet (1791-1791)
Andrew (1793-)
Sarah (1795-1855)
Humphrey (1797-1819)
Elizabeth (1801-) James Scammon

Birth:    8 Apr 1777, Saco, Me
Death:    21 Oct 1804, died at sea

No children

Spouse:    Olive Dennett
Death:    29 Aug 1806
Marr:    20 Mar 1803 Tristram Scammon

Birth:    29 May 1779
Death:    23 Jun 1798 Hannah Scammon

Birth:    21 Apr 1781, Saco, ME
Death:    27 Jan 1858

Spouse:    Jonathan Tucker
Birth:    13 Mar 1776, Salem, MA
Death:    9 Feb 1861
Father:    John Tucker
Mother:    Lydia Jacobs
Marr:    15 May 1800

Children:    Gideon (1802-1863)
William (1804-1855)
Henry (1805-1874)
Nathaniel Scammon (1807-)
Lydia Elizabeth (1809-1828)
Sarah Martha (1814-1866)
Hannah Marcia (1816-1886)
Ann Jenks (1816-1899) Gideon Tucker

Birth:    4 Jun 1802
Death:    17 Oct 1863

4 children

Spouse:    Caroline Atkinson
Marr:    30 Dec 1847 William Tucker

Birth:    26 Aug 1804
Death:    4 Feb 1855 Henry Tucker

Birth:    19 Dec 1805
Death:    5 Jun 1874

Spouse:    Miranda Murch
Death:    14 Sep 1831
Marr:    12 Sep 1827 Nathaniel Scammon Tucker

Birth:    27 Dec 1807

4 children

Spouse:    Serena Babbitt
Birth:    22 Jul 1813 Lydia Elizabeth Tucker

Birth:    26 Nov 1809
Death:    1 Dec 1828 Sarah Martha Tucker

Birth:    16 Jun 1814
Death:    19 Dec 1866

Spouse:    , Rev. George Packard
Marr:    21 May 1833 Hannah Marcia Tucker

Birth:    7 Sep 1816
Death:    4 May 1886

Spouse:    Daniel Cleaves
Marr:    7 Sep 1835 Ann Jenks Tucker

Birth:    7 Sep 1816
Death:    2 Feb 1899, unmarried Nathaniel Greene Scammon

Birth:    20 Mar 1783, Saco, ME
Death:    6 Feb 1784 Nathaniel Greene Scammon

Birth:    24 Feb 1785, Saco, ME
Death:    25 May 1792, drowned in Saco, ME George Scamman

Birth:    19 Aug 1787, Saco, ME
Death:    12 Dec 1868
Occ:    Prominent businessman in Saco; held numerous state offices

Spouse:    Elizabeth Atkinson
Birth:    6 Aug 1790
Death:    12 Aug 1878
Father:    Joseph Atkinson
Mother:    Anna Lane
Marr:    6 Dec 1809

Children:    Tristram (1810-1888)
Sarah Ann (1812-)
Elizabeth (1815-1817)
Mary (1817-)
Rebecca (1820-1843)
George (1825-1844)
Andrew (1828-1851)
Henry C. (1830-1893)
Nathaniel (1836-1882) Tristram Scamman

Birth:    14 Jun 1810, Saco, ME
Death:    19 Mar 1888

Spouse:    Lucy Storer
Birth:    28 Oct 1814
Death:    26 Jan 1864
Marr:    27 Sep 1837

Children:    Emma B. (1839-1932)
Mary Rebecca (1843-1847)
George W. (1846-1883) Emma B. Scamman

Birth:    18 Mar 1839
Death:    11 Mar 1932

Spouse:    Samuel Hall Mary Rebecca Scamman

Birth:    18 Dec 1843
Death:    8 Feb 1847 George W. Scamman

Birth:    24 Mar 1846
Death:    15 Mar 1883 Sarah Ann Scamman

Birth:    9 Nov 1812, Saco, ME

Spouse:    , Capt. George V. Jordan
Father:    Ichabod Jordan
Mother:    Mary Coffin
Marr:    14 Mar 1836

Children:    Adelaide Augusta (1841-) Adelaide Augusta Jordan

Birth:    5 Jun 1841 Elizabeth Scamman

Birth:    20 Jan 1815, Saco, ME
Death:    19 May 1817 Mary Scamman

Birth:    23 Sep 1817, Saco, ME

1 child

Spouse:    Samuel Emery
Birth:    23 Aug 1817
Death:    17 Apr 1851, drowned at Beals Bar, Calif.
Father:    Samuel Emery
Mother:    Mary Gilpatrick
Marr:    30 Nov 1841 Rebecca Scamman

Birth:    17 Sep 1820, Saco, ME
Death:    30 Mar 1843

1 child

Spouse:    Samuel Tebbetts Shannon
Birth:    1 Jan 1814, Saco, ME
Death:    20 Feb 1875, Boston, MA
Father:    Dr. Richard Cutts Shannon
Mother:    Mary Tebbetts
Marr:    21 Apr 1839 George Scamman

Birth:    25 Feb 1825
Death:    19 Sep 1844 Andrew Scamman

Birth:    12 Sep 1828
Death:    11 Jun 1851
Educ:    Unmarried Henry C. Scamman

Birth:    12 Feb 1830, Saco, ME
Death:    7 Aug 1893
Occ:    Mining/banking; see notes

In 1850, he went to Calif. and met with some success in the mining fields.

In 1866, he established a banking business in Downey, Calif.

Spouse:    Francesca B. Allen
Birth:    1842
Death:    8 Apr 1930
Marr:    13 Jan 1881

Children:    Edith (1882-1967) Edith Scamman

Birth:    30 Nov 1882, Saco, ME
Death:    4 Nov 1967, Cambridge, MA
Occ:    Noted botanist
Educ:    Unmarried

Scammon, Edith Henry 1882-1967

Scammon, Edith Henry, 1882-1967. Papers of Edith Scammon, 1896-1966 (inclusive), 1936-1966 (bulk). ca. 3.5 linear ft. Scammon (Wellesley College, B.A. 1907; Radcliffe, M.A. 1909) later studied botany with M. L. Fernald and made several collecting trips to Alaska to study plant distributions in unglaciated areas; as a result, some 5000 specimens were given to the Gray Herbarium. In 1947 her work on ferns in New Hampshire was published; she then studied the ferns of Costa Rica, which resulted in four articles. Between 1942 and 1967 Scammon was associated with Gray Herbarium as a member of the Visiting Committee and as a research associate. Cite as: Edith Henry Scammon Papers. Archives, Gray Herbarium Library, Harvard University Herbaria.

http://www.huh.harvard.edu/libraries/NEnats/NEnatsSZ.html Nathaniel Scamman

Birth:    15 Mar 1836, Saco, ME
Death:    28 Apr 1882

Spouse:    Susan F. Dawson
Birth:    15 Jul 1840
Death:    20 May 1901
Father:    Joseph Dawson
Mother:    Phebe Blaisdell

Children:    Helen (1867-) Helen Scamman

Birth:    20 Nov 1867

Spouse:    Alan R. Merrill
Father:    Rufus S. Merrill
Mother:    Sarah E. Robinson
Marr:    28 Jun 1892 Harriet Scammon

Birth:    7 Dec 1791, Saco, ME
Death:    30 Dec 1791

Her birth listed as 7 Dec 1788 at http://www.lrwebdesign.com/familytree/fam/fam00678.html Andrew Scammon

Birth:    14 Jan 1793, Saco, ME

No children

Spouse:    Sarah F. Granger
Birth:    16 Aug 1795
Father:    Daniel Granger
Mother:    Mary Jordan
Marr:    21 Oct 1817 Sarah Scammon

Birth:    9 Jul 1795, Saco, ME
Death:    4 Oct 1855

Unmarried Humphrey Scammon

Birth:    20 Oct 1797, Saco, ME
Death:    21 Aug 1819, died at sea Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    12 Sep 1801, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Jonathan Cousins
Marr:    27 Jul 1822

Children:    Caroline A. (1823-)
Joel M. (1824-)
Abraham F. (1827-)
Benjamin F. (1830-)
Gilbert G. (1836-1837)
Adrian (1837-)
Mary E. (1838-) Caroline A. Cousins

Birth:    4 Jun 1823 Joel M. Cousins

Birth:    2 Aug 1824 Abraham F. Cousins

Birth:    19 Aug 1827 Benjamin F. Cousins

Birth:    10 May 1830 Gilbert G. Cousins

Birth:    Dec 1836
Death:    Feb 1837 Adrian Cousins

Birth:    28 Jun 1837 Mary E. Cousins

Birth:    Sep 1838 Elizabeth Scammon

Death:    26 Feb 1801

Married her cousin

Spouse:    , Deacon John Hill
Birth:    28 Aug 1738
Death:    21 May 1810
Father:    Capt. Elisha Hill
Mother:    Mary Plaisted
Marr:    25 Sep 1765

Children:    Elisha
George Elisha Hill Mary Hill John Hill James Hill Hannah Hill George Hill Mary Scammon

Birth:    19 Nov 1752

Spouse:    Capt. Seth Mitchell
Marr:    4 Apr 1770 Nathaniel Scammon

Birth:    6 Feb 1723
Death:    1745
Educ:    died in battle for Louisburg

No children
York County Volume 6; 1742-1746 (www.Austins.org/ResearchCenter) p. 257:
6/214. NATHANIEL SCAMMON, of Biddeford. 18 Feb 1745, to Ichabod Goodwin of Berwick, Gent, Humphry Scammon of Kittery, Gent, & James Scammon of Biddeford, blacksmith, of the est of their br Nathaniel Scammon, late of Biddeford, cordwainer, decd int, with t&p inv exh at or bef 15 Oct next, & a p&t acct on or bef 15 Oct 1746. Judge of Probate: Batchelor Hussey, Richworth Jordan & John Davis. Benjamin Scammon

Birth:    9 May 1727
Death:    1745
Educ:    died after returning from battle for Louisburg

No children Jeremiah Scammon

Birth:    12 May 1729
Death:    29 May 1729, died young Rebecca Scammon

Birth:    1680

She was his second wife.

No children.

Spouse:    John Billings
Father:    John Billings Mary Scammon*

Birth:    1682, Saco, ME (Kittery, York, ME?)
Death:    17 May 1760, Truro, Barnstable, MA

3 times a Penhallow witness 1699-1700

Spouse:    Lieut. John Hezekiah Purington
Birth:    England
Father:    George (Puddington) Purington
Mother:    Mary Pooke
Marr:    abt 1702

Children:    John
Joshua (Purenton) (~1720-)

Other spouses:    Jonathan Paine John Purington James Purington Joshua (Purenton) Purington

Birth:    abt 1720, Rowley, Essex, MA

Spouse:    Anna Dresser
Birth:    abt 1724, Rowley, Essex, MA
Father:    Nathaniel Dresser
Mother:    Elizabeth Wentworth
Marr:    1 Jul 1751

Children:    Jemima Mindwell (Purington) (~1753-) Jemima Mindwell (Purington) Purenton

Birth:    abt 1753, Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME

Spouse:    Taylor Small
Birth:    Aug 1748
Death:    13 Feb 1831
Father:    Taylor Small
Mother:    Thankful Ridley
Marr:    29 Mar 1773

Children:    Joseph (1780-)
Anna (1776-)
Taylor-Taylor (1778-1829)
Mary (1783-)
Lois (1785-)
John (1788-)
Hannah (~1789-)
Thankful (1784-) Joseph Small

Birth:    29 Aug 1780, Bowdoin, ME
Occ:    sailor for 13 years

Spouse:    Margaret Duncan
Birth:    12 Jul 1786, Bowdoin, ME
Marr:    1806, Bowdoin, ME

Children:    Lois (1806-)
Maria (1808-)
Mary (1809-)
Joseph (1817-1842)
Robert (1819-)
Taylor-Taylor (1821-)
John (1823-1885)
George Purington (1827-)
Henrietta (1827-)
Fideliah Lois Small

Birth:    13 Oct 1806, Sagadahoc, ME Maria Small

Birth:    2 Apr 1808, Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME
Death:    MI Mary Small

Birth:    9 Sep 1809, Sagadahoc, ME Joseph Small

Birth:    8 Aug 1817, Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME
Death:    1842, at age 25 Robert Small

Birth:    26 Jun 1819, Sagadahoc, ME Taylor-Taylor Small

Birth:    19 Mar 1821, Bowdoin, ME
Death:    Indiana John Small

Birth:    7 Aug 1823, Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME
Death:    29 Sep 1885, Allen Co., Indiana
Burial:    Antioch Lutheran, Allen Co., IN
Occ:    Owned a brick yard

Spouse:    Lucinda Whitcomb
Birth:    25 Jun 1820, NY
Death:    25 Feb 1885, Allen Co., IN
Father:    Philo Whitcomb
Mother:    Mary Heaton

Children:    Rebecca (1841-1864)
Emmaline (1845-1850)
John F. (1857-1858) Rebecca Small

Birth:    9 May 1841, Allen Co., IN
Death:    18 Feb 1864, Allen Co., IN
Burial:    Antioch Lutheran Cem., Allen Co., IN
Educ:    see notes

County Clerk records indicate last name as “Kisen” at time of marriage.  Daughter died 10 months after she died.

Spouse:    Enos Smitley
Birth:    19 Apr 1837, Zanesville, OH
Death:    27 Mar 1924, Allen Co., IN
Father:    Jonathan Smitley
Mother:    Ann Smith
Marr:    4 Jul 1860, Allen Co., IN

Children:    Arraminta (1861-1864)
Homer (1863-1936) Arraminta Smitley

Birth:    30 Jun 1861
Death:    3 Dec 1864, 10 months after her mother died Homer Smitley

Birth:    14 Jun 1863, Allen Co., IN
Death:    22 Jul 1936, Miami, FL

Spouse:    Mary Heaton
Birth:    31 Jul 1867, Allen Co., IN
Death:    6 Dec 1918, Ft. Wayne, IN
Father:    Jesse, Jr. Heaton
Mother:    Samantha Larcom
Marr:    7 Jun 1887, Ft. Wayne, IN

Children:    Garnet
Wayne Heaton Garnet Smitley Ruby Smitley Wayne Heaton Smitley Francis Small Emmaline Small

Birth:    17 Jan 1845
Death:    31 Oct 1850 John F. Small

Birth:    25 May 1857
Death:    3 Nov 1858 George Purington Small

Birth:    14 Mar 1827, Sagadahoc, ME Henrietta Small

Birth:    14 Mar 1827, Sagadahoc, ME Louis Small Catherine Small Emaline Small Fideliah Small Anna Small

Birth:    23 Feb 1776 Taylor-Taylor Small

Birth:    3 May 1778
Death:    4 May 1829 Joshua Small Mary Small

Birth:    21 Mar 1783, Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME Lois Small

Birth:    23 Apr 1785 John Small

Birth:    12 Jun 1788 Hannah Small

Birth:    abt 1789 Thankful Small

Birth:    1784, Bowdoin, ME George Purington Mary Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Jonathan Paine
Birth:    1 Feb 1685, Truro, MA
Death:    23 May 1752
Father:    Thomas Paine
Mother:    Hannah Shaw
Marr:    29 Jun 1719, Truro, Barnstable, MA

Children:    Hannah (1721-)
Phebe (1724-)

Other spouses:    Lieut. John Hezekiah Purington Hannah Paine

Birth:    9 Feb 1721

Spouse:    Isaac Crowell
Marr:    14 Jan 1743 Phebe Paine

Birth:    2 Dec 1724

Spouse:    Constant Hopkins
Marr:    1 Dec 1743 Samuel Scammon*

Birth:    1689, Saco, ME
Death:    May 1752, Saco, ME; 63 years old

Samuel lived along the East bank of the Saco River, about 1/2 mile above the lower ferry. He was admitted as a member of the Church in Biddeford on Sept. 30, 1730. Made his will in Biddeford, ME 23 Apr 1751.  Names his wife Elizabeth and children Samuel, John, and Ebenezer.  In his will, he signs his name as SAMUEL SCAMON, while his son Samuel, Jr., in his will, signs his name as SAMUEL SCAMMAN, and John, brother of Samuel, Jr., in his will, signs his name as JOHN SCAMMON.
The Will of Samuel Scammon, Sr.

In the Name of God Amen. The twenty third Day of April Anno Domini. 1751. I Samuel Scammon Senr of Biddeford in the County of York in the Province of the Massa : Bay in New England yeoman, being very Sick & weak in Body but of perfect Mind & Memory, Thanks be to God therefor. But calling unto Mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die do make & ordain this my last Will & Testament, that is to say, principally and first of all, I give & recommend my Soul into the Hands of God who gave it, and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent christian Burial at the Discretion of my Executor hereafter named nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I Shall receive the Same again by the mighty Power of God, And as touching such worldly Estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this Life I give demise & dispose of the Same in the following Manner & Form.

Impr. I give & bequeath to Elizabeth my beloved Wife, The one third part of my personal Estate. Also the Use and Improvement of the one third part of my real Estate during the term of her Natural Life.

Item. I give & bequeath unto my beloved Son Samuel Scammon my Lot or Tract of Land lying at a place called Rendezvouz containing about Thirty Acres and the Marsh adjoining thereto by the River, which Land & marsh I bought of Edward Proctor, also all my Salt Marsh lying at the Head of Goose fair Marsh so called and on the Westerly side of Goose fair River which I also bought of Edward Procter, which is yet in common & undivided with the Heirs of Captn Iohn Sharp Decd. Also my Lot or Tract of Land containing about One Hundred Acres which I bought of Richard Sharp of Boston Decd lying in the lower Checquer of the Pattent which was Set of to the Heirs of Elizabeth Sharp Decd. Also the one third part of my Lot or tract of Land lying at Rogers’s so called, and the one third part of the Marsh belonging to it lying upon the Easterly side of Goose fair River which I also bought of Edwd Proctor. All which Tracts & parcels of Land & Marsh I give & bequeath unto him the Said Samuel Scammon his Heirs & Assigns forever. Also the one third part of that Tract of Land which I bought of Edwd Procter & Richd Sharp and is yet in common & undivided with Robt Patterson.

Item, I give & bequeath unto my beloved Son John Scammon his Heirs & Assigns forever that part of my Homestead, that is, of the Upland, which lies next to that Land of Mathew Patten to run down the River from Said Patten’s Land till it comes to a large pine Tree Standing just above my Son Ebenezer’s House Frame mark’d on four Sides & from Said Tree to run direct to the Bank by the Marsh upon a West Line and also to run from Said Tree or Stub upon an East Line till it comes to the Division Line between my Brother Captn Humphry Scammon Decd & my Self. Also the one third part of That Tract of Land which I bought of Edward Procter & Richard Sharp which is yet in common and undivided with Robert Patterson. Also ye one half of my Tract of Marsh which lies on the Westerly side of Goose fair River which was a part of my Proportion of the Estate of my hond Father Humphry Scammon Decd. Also the one half of the Marsh adjoining to my Homestead by ye River Also the one third part of my Lot or Tract of Land lying at Roger’s Pond so called. And the one third part of the Marsh belonging to it lying upon the Easterly Side of Goose Fair River.

Item. I give & bequeath unto my well beloved Son Ebenezer Scammon his Heirs & Assigns forever, the remaining part of my Homestead, that is the whole of it not given as above to my Son John, excepting one half Acre at the Ferry place which I reserve as a Burying place forever for my Relations also the one half of my Lot or Tract of Marsh which lies on the westerly Side of Goose fair River, to be divided between him & his Brother John Scammon in quantity & quality also the one half of my Marsh adjoining to my Homestead by the River to be divided as aforesd between him and his Brother aforementioned. Also the one third part of my Lot or Tract of Land lying at Rogers Pond so called, and one third part of the Marsh adjoining to the Same lying on the Easterly side of Goose fair River, also the one third part of that Lot or Tract of Land which I Bought of Edwd Proctor & Richd Sharp which is yet in common and undivided with Robert Patterson.

Item. as to my personal Estate not given to my Wife my Will & Pleasure is that my Debts & funeral Charges be paid out of the Same, and that the remainder of it be equally divided among my Sons before mentioned.

Item. I do hereby constitute make & ordain my beloved Son Samuel Scammon my Sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament, and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke & disannul all & every other former Wills Legacies Bequests & Executors by me in any wise before named willed & bequeathed ratifying & confirming this & no other to be my last Will & Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand & Seal ye Day & year above written
Signed Sealed published pronounced
& declared by ye Sd Saml Scammon
as his last Will & Testamt in pres-
ence of us
Thomas Edgcomb
Robert Patterson jr
Iames McClelan Samuel Scammon (Seal)
Probated 30 Septr 1752. Inventory returned 29 Dec. 1752, at 739: 4: 4, by Thomas Edgecomb, Robert Patterson and James McClelan, appraisers.

[Source: Maine Wills, 1640-1760 (Portland, Me., 1887), p. 679, citing Probate Office, 8, 179.]

Spouse:    Margery Deering
Birth:    1689, Kittery, ME
Death:    10 Oct 1740, Saco, ME
Father:    Roger Deering
Mother:    Joan
Marr:    1712

Children:    Samuel (1713-1758)
John (1715-1752)
Ebenezer (-~1765)

Other spouses:    Elizabeth Stimson Lieut. Samuel Scamman Scammon Jr.

Birth:    1713, Saco, ME
Death:    8 Mar 1758, Saco, ME

From History of Brunswick, Curtis Library online:
History of Brunswick, Topsham, and Harpswell:
Chapter 4: Period of the Indian Wars, 1675-1760 page 61

” The Lord has maid a breach upon us and by taking away our brother from us the Lord has be reved father and mother of thare son and us of our brother, yeat thaey and we must say with Job the Lord gaive and the Lord hath taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord.

” Sister reliance is brought abaed and has lost hur child but she is like to do weal but she has bin near to the gates of death but through the tender mearcies of God she is like to do well.

” So I remain your loving brother

“‘To MR.. SAMUEL Scammon Saco.” 1

Four days subsequently the Indians fired upon a canoe, containing four persons, as it was coming up through the narrows below Cow Island. The boat contained Mr. and Mrs. Moffitt. William Potter, and William Thorn, a soldier in Topsham, under Captain William Burns. Moffitt and Potter were killed. Thorn had his arm shot off. Mrs. Moffift succeeded, with some assistance from Thorn, in paddling the canoe to the Brunswick side of the river, and thus enabled them both to escape. 2 Thorn asked for aid from the General Court, and on May 31. 1748. twelve pounds were allowed him.

August 19th a man was wounded somewhere in Brunswick, and a boy taken prisoner. In the early part of September four men were killed and scalped in a corn-field, in Topsham, only about twenty rods from the garrison, by twelve Indians. Probably one of these was Richard Grain, said to have been killed August 27th. One of the men had seven bullets shot through his body 3 In the same magazine from which the above extracts were taken occurs the following account: –


” We are informed by Capt Woodside. that on the fifth Instant towards Evening, a Lad about 16 Years old, going out of Brunswick Fort at the Eastward, saw eleven Men dressed with Coats and Hats coming towards him. which he took for Englishmen, till they came up to him, when he found them to be Indians, one of which seized him as his Prisoner, which the Lads Father observing from the Fort, dis-charged his Gun ( loaded with Swan-Shot) at the Indian and wounded him. upon which he immediately quitted the Lad. who ran towards the Fort, but was unfortunately shot down by the other Indians. The
1. Scammon married Mehitable Hinkley.
2. Williamson, Smith, McKeen, et als. Massachusetts Records, Vol. 73, pp. 163, 164.
3. Historical Magazine, Vols. 9 and 10. Extracts from New York Gazette, dated Sept. 14, 1747.
The Will of Samuel Scammon

In the Name of God Amen

I Samuel Scammon of Biddeford in the County of York Gentn being Sick & weak in Body but of perfect Mind & Memory Thanks be given unto God, therefore calling unto Mind ye Mortality of my Body, and knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die do constitute make & ordain this to be my last Will and Testament; That is to say, In the first place, I recommend my Soul into the Hands of God who gave it, and my Body to the Earth to be buried in a decent christian Manner at ye Discretion of my Executors herein after named. And as touching Such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God in this Life to invest me, I give demise & dispose of ye Same in the following Manner and Form.

Impr I will & order that all my just Debts & funeral Charges Shall be paid out of my Estate by Mehetable my beloved Wife whom I constitute an Executor of this my last Will & Testament.

Item. I give unto Mehetable my beloved Wife aforesaid the Improvement of one Half of so much of my Homested Farm whereon I now dwell as to extend from the Southwest End of it where it adjoins to the Homestead of Samuel Dennet to ye North East End of the Second Division of the Land purchased by Ebenezr Ayer out of the Estate of Iames Scammon late Decd with the Occupation & Improvement of the one half of my dwelling House & Barn; and also the Improvement of all my Salt Marsh lying in Biddeford & Scarborough. Likewise the Improvemt of all my personal Estate consisting in Money Bills Bonds Book Debts Household Cattle &c. only excepting & reserving three Yoke of Oxen and four Feather Beds & Bedding, to her Use and Improvement during her natural Life.

Item. I give unto my beloved Son Samuel Scammon (whom I appoint the other Executor of this my last Will & Testament) the whole of that part of my Homestead Butted beginning at ye South West End where it adjoins to Samuel Dennets Homestead Land, and extending North East to the End of the Second Division of the Land purchased by Ebenezer Ayer out of the Estate of Iames Scammon late Decd with about Five Acres of Land in the first Division of the purchase I made out of the Estate of the Said Iames Scammon, With Five Acres of Salt Marsh lying at a place commonly called Goose Fare in Biddeford aforesd And all my Right to Lands at Randezvouz, and old Orchard so called in Said Biddeford. And also one Yoke of Oxen when he Shall arrive at twenty one Years of Age.

Item. I give unto my beloved Son Isaac Scamman all that part of my Homestead Land butted beginning at the upper Edge of the Bank on the Western Side of Goose Fare aforesd and to Extend on a Northeast Course to ye Middle Line with all my Right in the purchase I made out of ye Estate of Iames Scamman aforesd Decd as yet undivided. And two Acres & half of Salt Marsh lying in Scarboro at a place called Roger’s Cove, and one Yoke of Oxen, when he Shall arrive at twenty one Years of Age.

Item. I give unto my beloved Son Freeman Scamman all that part of my Homestead Land butted beginning at the Northeast End of the Land I bequeathed to my Son Samuel aforesd and to extend on a Northeast Course to the upper Edge of the Bank on the Western Side of Goose Fare River aforesd with a Fourteen Acre Lot of Land in the Second Division of the purchase I made out of the Estate of Iames Scamman aforesd Decd With Five Acres of Salt Marsh in Scarboro aforesd adjoining to ye Patent Line. And also one Yoke of Oxen when he Shall arrive at twenty one Years of Age.

Item. I give unto my beloved Daughter Mary Scamman Forty pounds lawful Money to be paid to her by my Son Samuel aforesd when She Shall arrive to eighteen Years of Age. and also a Feather Bed & Bedding which I before excepted and reserved out of my personal Estate.

Item. I give unto my beloved Daughter Elizabeth Scammon Forty pounds lawful Money to be paid to her by my Son Samuel aforesd when She Shall arrive at Eighteen Years of Age, and also a feather Bed & Bedding which I before excepted and reserved out of my personal Estate.

Item. I give unto my beloved Daughter Mehetable Scamman Forty pounds lawful Money to be paid to her by my Son Samuel aforesd when She Shall arrive at ye Age of Eighteen Years, and also a feather Bed & Bedding which I before excepted & reserved out of my personal Estate.

Item. I give unto my beloved Daughter Sarah Scammon Forty pounds lawful Money to be paid to her by my Son Samuel aforesd when She Shall arrive at Eighteen Years of Age, and also a feather Bed and Bedding which I before excepted & reserved out of my personal Estate.

Lastly. In as much as Mehetable my beloved Wife aforesd now proves to be in a State of Pregnancy, It is my Will in Case She Should bring forth a Son he should be paid Eighty pounds lawful Money by my Son Freeman Scammon aforesd and lawful Interest for the Same from ye time my Son Freeman arrives to twenty one Years of Age to the Arrival of ye Said Child to twenty one Years of Age; and in Case my Said Wife Should bring forth a Daughter, It is my Will She Should be paid Forty pounds lawful Money by my Said Son Freeman aforesd when She Shall arrive at Eighteen Years of Age, and also that he give her a feather Bed & Bedding.

And I do hereby revoke disannul & make void all former Legacys Wills & Bequests by me made Ratifying & confirming this and no other to be my last Will & Testamt.

In Witness whereof I the Said Samuel Scammon have hereunto Set my Hand & Seal this Eighteenth Day of Febry in ye 31. Year of His Majesty’s Reign Annoque Domini 1758.
Signed Sealed published pro-
nounced & declared by ye Sd
Saml Scamman to be his last
Will & Testament in pres-
ence of, Tm Iordan Ebenezer
Ayer. Samuel White Samuel Scamman (seal)
Probated 10 July 1758. Inventory returned 27 Sept. 1758, at 1300: 3: 1, by Tristram Jordan, Ebenezer Ayer and Richard Berry, appraisers.

[Source: Maine Wills, 1640-1760 (Portland, Me., 1887), p. 820, citing Probate Office, 10, 11.]

Spouse:    Mehitable Hinckley
Birth:    25 Dec 1718, Truro, Barnstable, MA
Death:    6 Jun 1811, Saco, York Cty., ME
Father:    Samuel Hinckley
Mother:    Mary Freeman
Marr:    22 Aug 1736, Brunswick, Cumberland Cty., ME

Children:    Samuel (1738-1825)
Margery (1739-1742)
Isaac (1743-1812)
Mary (1745-1795)
Elizabeth (1747-1833)
Freeman (1750-1824)
Edmund (1752-)
Mehitable (~1753-1781)
Sarah (1755-1831)
Rachel (1758-1829) Samuel Scamman

Birth:    3 Sep 1738, Saco, ME
Death:    10 Dec 1825, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Sarah Dennett
Birth:    1742
Death:    2 Dec 1822
Marr:    9 May 1765

Children:    Samuel (1766-1792)
Sarah (1768-1821)
Mehitable (1770-)
Mary (1774-1844)
Margaret (1777-1837)
Nicholas (1779-1851)
Abigail (1783-1823)
Rachel (1786-1825) Samuel Scamman

Birth:    13 May 1766, Saco, ME
Death:    19 Jan 1792, Barnstable Beach, Cape Cod; see notes

Died at Barnstable Beach, Cape Cod, while on board the schooner “Betsey” of Saco, Maine, on its return trip from Cadiz. Sarah Scamman

(See duplicate branch above) Mehitable Scamman

Birth:    19 Aug 1770, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Pomfret Howard
Marr:    20 Feb 1791 Mary Scamman

Birth:    24 Jun 1774, Saco, ME
Death:    9 Jul 1844

Unmarried Margaret Scamman

Birth:    3 Sep 1777, Saco, ME
Death:    19 Aug 1837

Spouse:    William Sawyer
Birth:    28 Jul 1776
Death:    Mar 1812, died at sea
Father:    William Sawyer
Mother:    Mary Warren
Marr:    27 Nov 1803

Children:    Sarah Frost (1804-)
Harriet (1806-)
Frederic William (1810-1875) Sarah Frost Sawyer

Birth:    6 Nov 1804 Harriet Sawyer

Birth:    12 Sep 1806 Frederic William Sawyer

Birth:    22 Apr 1810
Death:    6 Sep 1875, Boston, MA Nicholas Scammon

Birth:    4 Dec 1779, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Apr 1851

Spouse:    Margaret Coit
Birth:    Feb 1779
Death:    3 Aug 1836
Father:    , Capt. Solomon Coit
Mother:    Hannah Jordan
Marr:    5 Mar 1808

Children:    Solomon Coit (1809-1831)
Samuel Fleming (1811-)
William (1813-1886)
Sarah Hannah (1815-1846)
Mary Mehitable (1818-1907)
Nicholas (1820-)
Harriet (1824-1897) Solomon Coit Scamman

Birth:    3 Jan 1809, Saco, ME
Death:    4 Sep 1831 Samuel Fleming Scammon*

Birth:    11 Jan 1811, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Olive Moody
Marr:    Oct 1834

Other spouses:    Sarah Frances Stackpole Samuel Fleming Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Sarah Frances Stackpole
Birth:    21 Oct 1829, Somersworth, NH
Father:    Joseph Stackpole
Mother:    Lydia Wentworth
Marr:    3 Mar 1873

Other spouses:    Olive Moody William Scammon

Birth:    19 Mar 1813, Saco, ME
Death:    14 Mar 1886

Spouse:    Hannah Smith
Birth:    13 May 1813
Death:    30 Jan 1875
Father:    Daniel Smith
Mother:    Hannah Vilas
Marr:    14 Dec 1840

Children:    Lucy (1841-1930)
Margaret E. (1843-1869)
Edwin Samuel (1844-1918)
Franklin (1847-)
Otis Freeman (1848-)
William Jordan (1850-)
Sarah Lizzie (1853-)
Mary Hannah (1855-1888) Lucy Scammon

Birth:    21 Oct 1841, Saco, ME
Death:    1930

Spouse:    Hubbard W.
Birth:    1839
Death:    1917
Marr:    23 Jul 1862 Margaret E. Scammon

Birth:    21 May 1843, Saco, ME
Death:    12 Sep 1869, Cedar Keys, FL

Spouse:    Franklin Jordan
Marr:    16 Aug 1865 Edwin Samuel Scammon

Birth:    4 Dec 1844, Saco, ME
Death:    1918, Iowa
Educ:    In 1868 Edwin left Saco & settled in Osage, Iowa

Spouse:    Abigail Chase Libby
Birth:    7 Jul 1846
Father:    Dr. Stephen M. Libby
Mother:    Lois S. Chase

Children:    Samuel Edwin (1868-1929)
George Rufus (1873-1954)
Lois Samuel Edwin Scammon

Birth:    4 Dec 1868, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Nov 1929, Wibaux, Montana

Spouse:    Mary Bridget Dunigan
Birth:    12 Mar 1875, Cascade, Iowa
Death:    6 Jul 1946

Children:    Gladys Mae (1899-)
Glenn Samuel (1901-1953)
Lee Elmore (1903-1962)
Raymond Joseph (1906-1965)
Harvey Edwin (1907-1992)
Lucy Caroline (1912-1944)
Lillian Grace Gladys Mae Scammon

Birth:    30 Aug 1899, Orchard, Iowa
Educ:    1 child

Spouse:    Forest Roscoe Glenn Samuel Scammon

Birth:    12 Feb 1901, Orchard, Iowa
Death:    6 Aug 1953

Spouse:    Jennie Margaret Steele

Children:    Samuel Leroy
Eunice Kay
Lester John Samuel Leroy Scammon

Spouse:    Violet Jean Meidinger

Children:    Kimberlee Jean
Kory Samuel Kimberlee Jean Scammon Kory Samuel Scammon Eunice Kay Scammon

Spouse:    T. James Lynn

Children:    Steven James
Richard Ellis
Rebecca Jean
Sylvia Ann
Susan Kay Steven James Lynn Richard Ellis Lynn Rebecca Jean Lynn Sylvia Ann Lynn Susan Kay Lynn Lester John Scammon Lee Elmore Scammon

Birth:    13 Aug 1903, Orchard, Iowa
Death:    25 Sep 1962

Spouse:    Ella H. Fuggote

Children:    Gerald Roy
Lois Elaine
Stanley Lee
Janette Mary
Janice Esther
Eugene Lyle Gerald Roy Scammon

Spouse:    Marilyn Jane Ullom
Father:    Charles S. Ullom
Mother:    Viola G.

Children:    Kimberly Gay Kimberly Gay Scammon Lois Elaine Scammon Stanley Lee Scammon Janette Mary Scammon Janice Esther Scammon

Spouse:    John Strauss
Father:    Harold J. Strauss
Mother:    Joyce E.

Children:    Paul Joseph Paul Joseph Strauss Eugene Lyle Scammon Raymond Joseph Scammon

Birth:    10 Feb 1906, Orchard, Iowa
Death:    18 Feb 1965

Spouse:    Jennie L. Larson

Children:    Richard James
Jay Albion Richard James Scammon Jay Albion Scammon Harvey Edwin Scammon*

Birth:    17 Feb 1907, Orchard, Iowa
Death:    21 Jan 1992

Spouse:    Muriel Hendrick
Death:    1939
Marr:    1935

Other spouses:    Beatrice S. Frigale Harvey Edwin Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Beatrice S. Frigale

Children:    Gail Marie
Wendell Lee

Other spouses:    Muriel Hendrick Gail Marie Scammon Wendell Lee Scammon Lucy Caroline Scammon

Birth:    1 Jan 1912, Wibaux, Montana
Death:    25 Apr 1944 Lillian Grace Scammon

Spouse:    Orville M. Woodhouse
Father:    William H. Woodhouse
Mother:    Lizzie Mooney

Children:    Jean Carol
Elaine Grace
Carolyn Joy Jean Carol Woodhouse

Spouse:    James Maurice Huff Elaine Grace Woodhouse Carolyn Joy Woodhouse Edna Scammon William Scammon George Rufus Scammon

Birth:    22 Mar 1873, Burroak, Iowa
Death:    10 May 1954, Wilsall, Montana; could have been 1955

Spouse:    Maud Ethel Hatfield
Birth:    9 Feb 1874, Osage, Iowa
Death:    20 Aug 1953, Billings, Montana
Father:    Jay Hatfield
Mother:    Eleanor C. Fish
Marr:    11 Oct 1903, Red Wing, Minn.

Children:    Gordon (1905-1976)
Joseph Gerald
Hazel Lois
Orin (1910-1972) Gordon Scammon

Birth:    10 Nov 1905, Osage, Iowa
Death:    Nov 1976
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Irene Fink
Father:    Henry Fink
Mother:    Carrie Joseph Gerald Scammon

Spouse:    Mary Elizabeth Clare

Children:    Ethel Leone
Samuel Maurice (1932-2004)
Mary Ann
Laura Josephine Clare
Edna Geraldine Ethel Leone Scammon

Spouse:    Robert David Sheehan

Children:    Elizabeth Naomi
Maureen Rose
David Arthur
Rosemary Ethel Elizabeth Naomi Sheehan Maureen Rose Sheehan David Arthur Sheehan Rosemary Ethel Sheehan Samuel Maurice Scammon

Birth:    20 Dec 1932
Death:    13 Jun 2004 Mary Ann Scammon

Spouse:    Walter E. Hagan

Children:    Christine Ann
Gwendlyn Kay
Gena Rae
Lloyd Arlon Christine Ann Hagan Gwendlyn Kay Hagan Gena Rae Hagan Lloyd Arlon Hagan Laura Josephine Clare Scammon

Spouse:    Alvin N. Lien Edna Geraldine Scammon

Spouse:    Dwayne Jansma

Children:    Mark Dwayne Mark Dwayne Jansma Hazel Lois Scammon  *

Spouse:    Harry Roemer

Children:    George

Other spouses:    Phillip E. Keefer George Roemer Beverly Roemer Hazel Lois Scammon  * (See above)

Spouse:    Phillip E. Keefer

Children:    Ray

Other spouses:    Harry Roemer Ray Keefer Edith Keefer Edna Keefer Orin Scammon

Birth:    19 Dec 1910, Osage, Iowa
Death:    Nov 1972

Spouse:    Dorothy Morris

Children:    Maureen (1944-)
Margie Maureen Scammon

Birth:    23 Aug 1944
Death:    died young Doreen Scammon

Spouse:    David Weinschrott Wayne Scammon Warren Scammon Margie Scammon Carrie Scammon Lois Scammon Franklin Scammon

Birth:    4 Feb 1847, Saco, ME
Occ:    Owned & operated a newspaper
Educ:    Lived in Northwood, Iowa


Frank Scammon, who in 1881 became one of the founders of the Worth County Index, of which he has been editor and manager since 1883, is well known not only in Northwood, where he makes his home, but throughout the northern part of the state, within whose borders he has resided since early manhood. He was born in Saco, Maine, February 4, 1847, a son of William and Hannah (Smith) Scammon, God-fearing people of education and character, who were the founders of a refined home. The Scammon family is of English origin, the ancestors of Frank Scammon having settled at Fort Popham, Maine, in 1613. Colonel John Scammon, of his majesty’s Massachusetts Bay regiment, was a noted Indian fighter and also served with some distinction in the Revolutionary war.

Frank Scammon pursued his education in Thornton Academy of Maine, in which he completed a course with the class of 1864. He was graduated from a farm in 1865, from the United States Navy in 1870 and from the Cedar Valley Seminary at Osage, Iowa, in 1872. His early experiences covered teaching, naval service and the further continuance of his education through his seminary course. His naval experience continued from July 16, 1866, until December, 1870, on board the U. S. S. Vandalia, the United States Flagship Piscataqua, afterwards the Flagship Delaware, in trips to South America, India, China and Japan. He was a shipmate of the late Real Admiral R. D. Evans for more than three years. He was ship’s schoolmaster of the Piscataqua and Delaware from November, 1867, until December, 1870. In 1881, in company with O. D. Eno, he founded the Worth County Index and in 1883 became its editor and manager, which connection has since been maintained, and he has made the paper one of the leading country newspapers of the state.

On the l0th of January, 1878, at Osage, Iowa, Mr. Scammon was married to Miss Mary Sweney, a daughter of Hugh and Esther (Phillis) Sweney, people of the highest personal worth. Mrs. Scammon is a graduate of the Cedar Valley Seminary-a member of its famous first class, that of 1871. She taught successfully for many years, contributing much to the development of the educational interests of the communities in which she labored. She had two brothers who served with distinction in the war of the rebellion and one brother, Colonel J. H. Sweney, was a member of congress from Iowa from 1890 until 1892. To Mr. and Mrs. Scammon have been born three children: Margaret Esther, now the wife of A. L. Frisbie, an editor of Grinnell, Iowa; Hugh S., who married Jean, daughter of the late Joseph J. Marsh, of Decorah; and Katherine.

The religious faith of the family is that of the Methodist church and fraternally Mr. Scammon is connected with the Odd Fellows, in which he has served as grand master, and with the organization known as The Greater Iowa. In politics he is a republican and he served as postmaster of Northwood from July 6, 1908, until July 1, 1914. He has tried to contribute his share to the development of city and county, both as an editor and as a private citizen.

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, October 15, 2006
from rootsweb.com

Children:    Margaret
Hugh Sweney (1881-) Margaret Scammon

Spouse:    Alfred Lowrie Frisbie
Birth:    18 Nov 1877, Des Moines, Iowa
Death:    1960, Grinnell, Iowa
Marr:    28 Oct 1908

Children:    Alfred Lowrie
Katharine Veronica (1925-1925) Alfred Lowrie Frisbie

Spouse:    Marjorie R. Barnes Katharine Veronica Frisbie

Birth:    21 Aug 1925, Grinnell, Iowa
Death:    9 Dec 1925 Catherine Scammon Hugh Sweney Scammon4

Birth:    4 Aug 1881, Northwood, Iowa

Spouse:    Adeline Addie Jean Marsh4
Birth:    11 Mar 1882, Decorah, Iowa
Marr:    28 Sep 19054

Children:    Nancy
Joseph M. Nancy Scammon Joseph M. Scammon

Spouse:    Ruth C. Todd

Children:    Constance Todd Constance Todd Scammon Otis Freeman Scammon

Birth:    28 Dec 1848

Spouse:    Flora E. Harmon
Marr:    26 Nov 1874 William Jordan Scammon

Birth:    1 Dec 1850, Saco, ME Sarah Lizzie Scammon

Birth:    25 Nov 1853

Spouse:    Henry K. Edison
Marr:    20 Mar 1890 Mary Hannah Scammon

Birth:    29 Nov 1855, Saco, ME
Death:    1888, Annandale, Minn.

Spouse:    Horatio E. Huntington
Birth:    24 Sep 1853, Columbus, NY
Marr:    1885

Children:    Horton Scammon (1887-) Horton Scammon Huntington

Birth:    14 Oct 1887, Willmar, Minn. Sarah Hannah Scammon

Birth:    4 Nov 1815, Saco, ME
Death:    30 Apr 1846 Mary Mehitable Scammon

Birth:    8 Feb 1818, Saco, ME
Death:    18 Jan 1907, Newton, MA Nicholas Scammon

Birth:    17 Oct 1820, Saco, ME
Educ:    Lived in Massachusetts; 6 children; no info.

Spouse:    Eliza Elizabeth Hilliard Philbrook
Birth:    10 Apr 1821
Father:    Simon Philbrook
Mother:    Nancy Marston
Marr:    11 Apr 1838

Children:    Alice Coit (1857-) Alice Coit Scammon

Birth:    20 May 1857, Biddeford, ME

Spouse:    George A. Wilder
Marr:    27 May 1880, Waltham, MA Harriet Scammon

Birth:    29 Sep 1824, Saco, ME
Death:    27 Mar 1897 Abigail Scamman

Birth:    4 Jul 1783, Saco, ME
Death:    17 Jun 1823

Unmarried Rachel Scamman

Birth:    13 Apr 1786, Saco, ME
Death:    13 Mar 1825

Spouse:    , Capt. James Curry
Death:    13 Nov 1825
Marr:    12 Nov 1809 Margery Scamman

Birth:    1739
Death:    9 Feb 1742 Isaac Scamman Scammon

Birth:    20 Mar 1743, Saco, ME
Death:    10 Jul 1812, Saco, ME

They lived on the Portland Road, Saco, ME and are buried there.

Spouse:    Sarah Elwell
Birth:    10 Oct 1742
Death:    26 Oct 1808
Father:    John Elwell
Mother:    Elizabeth Dunnell
Marr:    31 Dec 1766

Children:    Nathaniel (1767-1849)
Joseph (1769-1794)
Isaac (1771-1819)
Margaret (1773-)
Aaron (1775-1856)
Rachel (1778-1778)
Edmund (1780-1837)
Samuel (1783-1814)
John (1785-1794)
William (1788-1848) Nathaniel Scamman

Birth:    2 Sep 1767, Saco, ME
Death:    6 Jun 1849, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Rachel Foss
Birth:    30 May 1770
Death:    11 Jan 1847
Father:    John Foss
Mother:    Rachel Milliken
Marr:    1 Aug 1789

Children:    Edward (1790-1869)
Joseph (1792-)
Frederick (1794-1865)
Rachel (1796-1885)
Ruth (1798-1817)
Nathaniel F. (1800-1848)
Sarah (1803-1839)
Mehitable (1805-)
Martha (1807-)
Olive (1809-1878)
Seth (1811-1894)
Isaac Watts (1814-1817) Edward Scammon*

Birth:    30 Apr 1790, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Dec 1869, Gorham, ME

Spouse:    Polly Davis
Birth:    18 Oct 1792
Death:    3 Oct 1825
Father:    Allen Davis
Mother:    Martha Morris
Marr:    28 Sep 1819

Children:    Mary E. (1822-1911)
Edward A. (1822-1864)

Other spouses:    Anna Davis Mary E. Scamman

Birth:    20 Jun 1822, Gorham, ME
Death:    15 Dec 1911
Burial:    Buxton Lower Corner, ME

Spouse:    Joseph W. Goodwin
Birth:    20 Feb 1818
Death:    24 Aug 1875
Marr:    20 Mar 1851

Children:    Francis H. (1853-1854)
Fannie A. (1855-1870) Francis H. Goodwin

Birth:    5 May 1853
Death:    11 Apr 1854 Fannie A. Goodwin

Birth:    Feb 1855
Death:    29 Jul 1870
Educ:    She was born Feb 29 which must have been leap year Edward A. Scammon

Birth:    20 Jun 1822, Gorham, ME
Death:    26 Oct 1864, Beaufort, NC
Educ:    See notes

Edward enlisted in Co. H., 5th Maine Regiment during the Civil War and attained the rank of Colonel.

Spouse:    Sarah P. Wingate
Birth:    22 Nov 1823
Death:    26 Nov 1867
Father:    , Capt. John Wingate
Mother:    Salome Small
Marr:    8 Oct 1847

Children:    Elizabeth Ellen (1848-)
Anna Marie (1851-)
Edward A. (1858-1885)
John Edward (1858-) Elizabeth Ellen Scamman

Birth:    3 Sep 1848, Orono, ME

Spouse:    Henry G. Hallowell
Marr:    15 Jun 1881 Anna Marie Scamman

Birth:    6 Oct 1851, Gorham, ME Edward A. Scammon

Birth:    14 Mar 1858
Death:    26 Nov 1885 John Edward Scammon1

Birth:    14 Mar 1858, Portland, Cumberland, ME1 Edward Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Anna Davis
Birth:    20 Feb 1799
Death:    4 Jun 1875
Father:    Allen Davis
Mother:    Martha Morris
Marr:    28 Oct 1827

Children:    Josiah D. (1831-1910)
Charles D. (1833-1912)
Frederick D. (1838-1915)

Other spouses:    Polly Davis Josiah D. Scammon*

Birth:    3 May 1831, Gorham, ME
Death:    10 Apr 1910

Spouse:    Mary Swett
Father:    Samuel Swett
Mother:    Nancy Sands
Marr:    1 Jan 1857

Children:    Elizabeth H.

Other spouses:    Clara Rugg Elizabeth H. Scammon

Spouse:    ? Maxfield Josiah D. Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Clara Rugg
Birth:    Jun 1831
Death:    15 Jan 1892
Marr:    26 Jul 1872

Other spouses:    Mary Swett Charles D. Scamman

Birth:    4 Dec 1833, Gorham, ME
Death:    3 Dec 1912
Burial:    Bear Hill Cemetery, Hollis, ME
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Sarah F. Smith
Birth:    20 Oct 1829
Death:    4 Oct 1906 Frederick D. Scamman

Birth:    10 Sep 1838, Gorham, ME
Death:    1 Jul 1915
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Arzilla Whitney
Death:    5 May 1914
Marr:    26 May 1871 Joseph Scammon

Birth:    30 Apr 1792, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Susanna Chadwick
Birth:    28 Nov 1798
Death:    6 Oct 1825
Marr:    24 Jan 1819

Children:    Ruth (1820-)
Susanna (1821-)
Eliza (1824-) Ruth Scamman

Birth:    24 Jan 1820 Susanna Scamman

Birth:    15 Nov 1821 Eliza Scamman

Birth:    18 May 1824 Frederick Scammon*

Birth:    14 Jul 1794, Saco, ME
Death:    25 May 1865

Spouse:    Elizabeth Paine
Marr:    2 Jan 1823

Children:    Isaac Watts (1822-1867)

Other spouses:    Mary Trickey Isaac Watts Scammon

Birth:    21 Oct 1822, Saco, ME
Death:    9 Jan 1867

Spouse:    Lucy Churchill
Birth:    2 Mar 1822
Death:    3 Aug 1888
Marr:    27 Nov 1851

Children:    Elizabeth P. (1852-)
Mary E. (1854-)
Charles F. (1858-1902)
Helen Amanda (1860-1860) Elizabeth P. Scammon

Birth:    14 Sep 1852, Portland, ME

Spouse:    Fred C. Merrill Mary E. Scammon

Birth:    2 Sep 1854, Portland, ME

Spouse:    John U. Smith Charles F. Scammon*

Birth:    28 Jun 1858, Presque Isle, ME
Death:    19 Mar 1902

Spouse:    Vira Packard

Other spouses:    Thalia L. Corbett Charles F. Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Thalia L. Corbett
Birth:    1867
Father:    Lorenzo D. Corbett
Mother:    Pauline S. Webber
Marr:    23 Mar 1893

Children:    Charles E. (1895-1896)
Xernie Thalia (1898-)

Other spouses:    Vira Packard Charles E. Scammon

Birth:    14 Nov 1895
Death:    3 Feb 1896 Xernie Thalia Scammon

Birth:    3 Feb 1898 Helen Amanda Scammon

Birth:    12 Mar 1860, Presque Isle, ME
Death:    18 Dec 1860 Frederick Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Mary Trickey
Birth:    11 Feb 1803
Death:    23 Jan 1892
Father:    William Trickey
Mother:    Elizabeth Sawyer
Marr:    18 Sep 1827

Children:    William Frederick (1828-1893)
James Staples (1831-1913)
Mary Ann (1832-)
Edward Kent (1838-1919)
Helen Amanda (1847-)
Martha Abbie (1849-)

Other spouses:    Elizabeth Paine William Frederick Scammon*

Birth:    13 Mar 1828, Saco, ME
Death:    8 Dec 1893

According to an item for sale on eBay: William was the oldest printer in York County as noted in a newspaper clipping; no date given.

Spouse:    Martha N. Berry
Birth:    1821
Death:    28 Nov 1867

Children:    Charles H. (1850-1932)

Other spouses:    Frances Jane Goodwin Charles H. Scammon

Birth:    1850
Death:    1932
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Frances P. Saunders
Birth:    18 Apr 1848
Death:    18 Feb 1896
Father:    Thomas L. Saunders
Mother:    Jane LeBarron
Marr:    18 Feb 1881 William Frederick Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Frances Jane Goodwin
Marr:    17 Oct 1861

Children:    Frank Herbert (1862-1879)
Mary Etta (1864-1879)
Frederick Alton (1866-1949)
Annabel Wakefield (1869-1968)
Abbie Louisa (1872-1962)
James Edward (1877-1946)

Other spouses:    Martha N. Berry Frank Herbert Scammon

Birth:    1862, Saco, ME
Death:    Oct 1879 Mary Etta Scammon

Birth:    10 Mar 1864, Saco, ME
Death:    Nov 1879 Frederick Alton Scammon

Birth:    19 Sep 1866, Saco, ME
Death:    1949

Spouse:    Joanna Pike
Birth:    15 Oct 1872, Somersworth, NH
Death:    30 Oct 1964, Porter, ME
Father:    Charles E. Pike
Mother:    Mary C. Linscott
Marr:    10 Mar 1894

Children:    Carrie May (1897-1947)
Hazel Etta (1899-) Carrie May Scammon

Birth:    10 Aug 1897, Saco, Me
Death:    1947
Educ:    5 children

Spouse:    William A. Spear Hazel Etta Scammon

Birth:    30 Jun 1899, Saco, ME
Educ:    6 children

Spouse:    Robert MacDonald Annabel Wakefield Scammon

Birth:    20 Apr 1869, Saco, ME
Death:    Aug 1968, Fitchburg, MA Abbie Louisa Scammon

Birth:    7 Jun 1872, Saco, ME
Death:    Sep 1962
Educ:    5 children

According to a newspaper clipping for sale on eBay, Abbie celebrated her 60th anniversary in 1955

Spouse:    John P. Wyman
Death:    aft 1955
Marr:    26 Jun 1895 James Edward Scammon

Birth:    17 May 1877, Saco, ME
Death:    6 Dec 1946, Portsmouth, NH

Spouse:    Mary Pickard
Birth:    4 Jun 1878, Old Town, ME

Children:    Winnifred Alice
Clarence Irving (1901-1982) Winnifred Alice Scammon

Spouse:    Walter F. Evans Clarence Irving Scammon

Birth:    25 Jun 1901
Death:    Feb 1982, New Castle, NH
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Jessie Beane Schurman James Staples Scamman

Birth:    23 Apr 1831, Saco, ME
Death:    14 Dec 1913

Spouse:    Lucy Ellen Merrill
Birth:    1826
Death:    12 Oct 1913
Marr:    7 Nov 1853

Children:    Georgia E. (1854-1946)
Elbridge Leavitt (1858-1932)
Elmer Percy (1866-1880) Georgia E. Scammon

Birth:    19 Dec 1854, Saco, ME
Death:    3 Aug 1946
Educ:    3 children

Spouse:    Frank L. Davis Elbridge Leavitt Scamman

Birth:    1858, Saco, ME
Death:    8 Mar 1932
Educ:    1 child who died at birth

Spouse:    Ida Belle Newhall
Birth:    16 Dec 1870
Death:    15 Dec 1931
Father:    Otis Newhall
Mother:    Katherine Cuthburt
Marr:    23 Mar 1910 Elmer Percy Scamman

Birth:    3 Dec 1866, Saco, ME
Death:    4 Jan 1880 Mary Ann Scammon

Birth:    29 Oct 1832, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Charles W. Pierce
Birth:    21 Jul 1831
Father:    William Pierce
Mother:    Betsey Larrabee
Marr:    16 Oct 1858

Children:    Ingilla (1860-) Ingilla Pierce

Birth:    10 Feb 1860

Spouse:    Henry Hawkins Edward Kent Scammon

Birth:    10 Mar 1838, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Nov 1919

Spouse:    Mary Eliza Leavitt3
Birth:    15 May 18483
Death:    28 Oct 1921
Father:    Elbridge G. Leavitt
Mother:    Frances Morrill

Children:    Charles Gerry (1871-1956)
Arthur Mansfield (1877-1877) Charles Gerry Scammon*

Birth:    3 May 1871, Saco, ME
Death:    2 Feb 1956, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Mary Jane Roberts
Birth:    21 Aug 1873
Death:    4 May 1950
Marr:    19 Dec 1909

Children:    Edward Kent (1911-1911)
Philip Roberts

Other spouses:    Mathilda E. (Dennis) Ridley Edward Kent Scammon

Birth:    9 Jun 1911, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Jun 1911 Philip Roberts Scammon

Spouse:    Vera Lundy

Children:    Charles Norman
John Philip Charles Norman Scammon John Philip Scammon Charles Gerry Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Mathilda E. (Dennis) Ridley
Father:    Peter A. Dennis
Mother:    Delia McSherry

Other spouses:    Mary Jane Roberts Arthur Mansfield Scammon

Birth:    22 May 1877, Saco, ME
Death:    22 May 1877, at birth Helen Amanda Scammon

Birth:    18 Jul 1847, Saco, ME
Death:    died young Martha Abbie Scammon

Birth:    6 Mar 1849, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Henry Smith Rachel Scamman

Birth:    9 Aug 1796, Saco, ME
Death:    27 Dec 1885 Ruth Scamman

Birth:    5 Jul 1798, Saco, ME
Death:    7 Jan 1817 Nathaniel F. Scamman

Birth:    15 Oct 1800, Saco, ME
Death:    17 Dec 1848 Sarah Scamman (See duplicate branch above) Mehitable Scamman

Birth:    19 Apr 1805, Saco, ME

Spouse:    , Capt. Isaac Marshall
Marr:    25 Oct 1825

Children:    William Henry (1826-) William Henry Marshall

Birth:    28 Jun 1826 Martha Scammon

Birth:    3 Jun 1807, Saco, ME
Educ:    Her birthdate is either 3 Jun or 23 Jun

Married her cousin Albert G. Scammon

Spouse:    Albert G. Scammon
Birth:    2 Jun 1807, Saco, ME
Death:    9 May 1876, Kansas City, Missouri
Father:    Samuel Scammon (1783-1814)
Mother:    Sarah Foss (1783-1854)
Marr:    16 Oct 1828

Children:    Almira
Rachel C. (1830-1894)
James E. Almira Scammon

Spouse:    Ansel D. Wingate
Birth:    31 May 1822
Father:    , Capt. John Wingate
Mother:    Salome Small
Marr:    25 Sep 1848

Children:    Martha S. (1849-)
Maria Martha S. Wingate

Birth:    Jul 1849 Maria Wingate Rachel C. Scammon

Birth:    17 Nov 1830, Saco, ME
Death:    9 May 1894

Spouse:    Arthur Boothby
Birth:    10 Apr 1824
Death:    7 Feb 1892
Father:    Lemuel Boothby
Mother:    Rebecca Moulton
Marr:    12 Mar 1849

Children:    James E. (1849-)
Rebecca (1851-)
Almon H. (1853-)
Olive R. (1856-)
Levi H. (1859-)
Cora E. (1861-)
Arthur (1864-)
Albert S. (1867-) James E. Boothby

Birth:    25 Dec 1849 Rebecca Boothby

Birth:    28 Oct 1851

Spouse:    Arthur Grace
Marr:    1883 Almon H. Boothby

Birth:    19 Jan 1853 Olive R. Boothby

Birth:    27 Aug 1856

Spouse:    Edwin H. Cram Levi H. Boothby

Birth:    1 Apr 1859 Cora E. Boothby

Birth:    Oct 1861 Arthur Boothby

Birth:    14 Sep 1864, Coffeyville, Kansas Albert S. Boothby

Birth:    4 Nov 1867 James E. Scammon Olive Scammon

Birth:    30 Sep 1809, Saco, ME
Death:    5 Dec 1878 Seth Scamman*

Birth:    16 Oct 1811, Saco, ME
Death:    22 Feb 1894

Seth was a very prominent man and at one time, was Speaker of the Maine State Senate

Spouse:    Lavina Perkins
Birth:    19 Sep 1819
Death:    7 Jan 1844
Marr:    22 May 1841

Other spouses:    Susan Bacon Seth Scamman* (See above)

Spouse:    Susan Bacon
Birth:    1820
Death:    4 Apr 1909
Father:    James Bacon
Mother:    Rhoda Reech
Marr:    1 Oct 1844

Children:    Lavina (1845-1936)
Howard (1851-1929)
George S. (1863-1936)

Other spouses:    Lavina Perkins Lavina Scamman

Birth:    31 Dec 1845
Death:    4 May 1936
Educ:    3 children – no information

Spouse:    George H. Boothby
Birth:    8 Mar 1844
Death:    19 Jan 1900 Susan Scamman

Educ:    had 2 daughters

Spouse:    Horace Waterhouse Howard Scamman

Birth:    23 Aug 1851
Death:    3 Feb 1929

Spouse:    Almeda V. Snow
Birth:    15 Jan 1856
Death:    4 Nov 1889, Kansas City, Missouri
Father:    John H. Snow
Mother:    Sarah J. Milliken
Marr:    8 Dec 1875 George S. Scamman

Birth:    1863
Death:    4 Feb 1936

Spouse:    Adelaide Moulton
Birth:    14 Apr 1864
Death:    20 May 1923
Father:    John S. Moulton
Mother:    Elizabeth Pillsbury

Children:    Percy Moulton (1885-1938)
Harold Howard (1889-1951)
Burton Freeman (1896-1957)
Ruth Evelyn (1897-) Percy Moulton Scamman

Birth:    5 Sep 1885
Death:    6 May 1938

Spouse:    Blanche A. DeRouin
Birth:    17 Apr 1888
Death:    31 Oct 1958
Father:    Edward F. DeRouin
Mother:    Cora A. York
Marr:    5 Sep 1914

Children:    Chester Herbert
George Edward (1916-1946) Chester Herbert Scamman

Spouse:    Rosemary B. Donahue
Father:    Joseph E. Donahue
Mother:    Bertha M. Murray

Children:    George Leroy
Charlene Ann
Joseph Edward
Jo-Anne Frances
William Moulton
Robert James
Margaret Arlene George Leroy Scamman Charlene Ann Scamman Joseph Edward Scamman Jo-Anne Frances Scamman William Moulton Scamman Robert James Scamman Margaret Arlene Scamman George Edward Scamman*

Birth:    1916
Death:    21 Jan 1946, Declared legally dead MIA since 1943
Occ:    Lieut. in US Army Air Corps in Europe

George was declared legally dead on 21 Jan 1946 after being missing in action during WW II in 1943.  He was a Lieut. in the US Army Air Corps in Europe

Spouse:    Elizabeth E. Harper
Birth:    Saco, ME

Other spouses:    Mary Ann Piggott George Edward Scamman* (See above)

Spouse:    Mary Ann Piggott

Children:    Susan Ann

Other spouses:    Elizabeth E. Harper Susan Ann Scamman Harold Howard Scamman

Birth:    2 Oct 1889
Death:    25 Mar 1951

Spouse:    Sarah Mildred Leary
Birth:    26 Aug 1891, Scarboro, ME
Father:    James B. Leary
Mother:    Anzonetta Gustin
Marr:    1 Jan 1912

Children:    Helen Gertrude
Paul Seth
James Harold Helen Gertrude Scamman Paul Seth Scamman Priscilla Scamman

Spouse:    Lionel Simon
Father:    Oscar J. Simon
Mother:    Palma Pellerin

Children:    Gloria Palma Gloria Palma Simon James Harold Scamman

Spouse:    Shirley Townsend

Children:    David Paul
Nancy Melinda David Paul Scamman Nancy Melinda Scamman Burton Freeman Scamman

Birth:    10 Jun 1896
Death:    7 May 1957

Spouse:    Georgia Wentworth
Birth:    15 May 1897
Death:    7 May 1957
Father:    George G. Wentworth
Mother:    Blanche M. Berry

Children:    Roger Wentworth (1917-1944)
Robert Wentworth
George Wentworth Roger Wentworth Scamman

Birth:    11 Jul 1917
Death:    29 Nov 1944, killed in action WWII (US Navy)

Spouse:    Elva Pooler

Children:    Wayne Wentworth Wayne Wentworth Scamman

Spouse:    Maria Brusuelas
Father:    Joseph M. Brusuelas
Mother:    Juanita Rodriquez

Children:    Stephine Maria
Robert Joseph Stephine Maria Scamman Robert Joseph Scamman Robert Wentworth Scamman

Spouse:    Mary Lucille David

Children:    Mary Suzanna
Roberta Jean
Michael David
Lynn Mary Suzanna Scamman Roberta Jean Scamman Roger Scamman Holly-Ann Scamman Michael David Scamman Lynn Scamman George Wentworth Scamman

Spouse:    Beverly MacDonald
Father:    Fairfield MacDonald
Mother:    Doris I. Spring

Children:    Brian Scott
Judy Ann
Gary Wentworth
Aaron Jeffery Brian Scott Scamman Judy Ann Scamman Gary Wentworth Scamman Aaron Jeffery Scamman Ruth Evelyn Scamman

Birth:    22 Oct 1897

Spouse:    Perley R. W. Witham
Birth:    28 Jul 1890, Portland, ME
Death:    26 Mar 1966, Scarboro, ME
Father:    Mark W. Witham
Mother:    Lillian Sargent

Children:    Donald M.
Leroy Alden Donald M. Witham Leroy Alden Witham Isaac Watts Scamman

Birth:    5 Nov 1814, Saco, ME
Death:    13 Jan 1817 Joseph Scamman

Birth:    7 Oct 1769, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Jan 1794, at Demarara in the West Indies Isaac Scammon Jr.

Birth:    27 Jul 1771, Saco, ME
Death:    14 May 1819, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Anna Leavitt3
Birth:    8 Sep 17773
Death:    19 Sep 1814
Father:    Joseph Leavitt
Mother:    Anna French
Marr:    18 Feb 17953

Children:    Sarah (1797-)
Phebe (1799-)
Joseph L. (1800-1823)
Anna (1802-1816)
Henry (1804-1876)
Rachel (1807-1827)
Jane (1809-1886)
Eunice (1812-)
Isaac B. (1816-1817)
Anna (1817-1819)
Abigail (1818-1819) Sarah Scamman

Birth:    5 Aug 1797, Saco, Me

She married her sister Rachel’s husband after her sister died

Spouse:    Aaron Grace
Death:    17 Sep 1865
Marr:    25 Oct 1829
Div: Phebe Scammon

Birth:    16 Mar 1799, Saco, ME

Spouse:    True Atkinson
Father:    Theodore Atkinson
Mother:    Polly French
Marr:    29 Nov 1821 Joseph L. Scammon

Birth:    30 Jun 1800, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Jun 1823 Anna Scammon

Birth:    11 Apr 1802, Saco, ME
Death:    27 Jun 1816 Henry Scammon

Birth:    28 Nov 1804, Saco, ME
Death:    12 Oct 1876, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Mary Scamman
Birth:    12 Nov 1805, Saco, ME
Death:    14 Jun 1870, Saco, ME
Father:    Richard Scamman (1775-1853)
Mother:    Elizabeth Small (1775-1814)
Marr:    25 Feb 1827

Children:    Franklin (1831-1902)
Ann Elizabeth (1834-1873)
Sarah Jeannette (1841-) Franklin Scammon*

Birth:    9 Nov 1831, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Apr 1902, Killed accidentally

Spouse:    Eliza Jane Milliken
Birth:    8 Mar 1832
Death:    3 Oct 1871
Marr:    9 Apr 1856

Children:    Charles Goodwin (1859-1919)
Etta A. (1861-)
Amos Milliken (1863-1941)
Henry (1865-1944)
Herbert Clarence (1868-1963)

Other spouses:    Olevia U. Allen Charles Goodwin Scamman

Birth:    3 Mar 1859, Saco, ME
Death:    1 Sep 1919, Gorham, ME
Occ:    Well known farmer & owned some of the finest cattle in York

Charles was a well known farmer & owned some of the finest cattle in York County. He was a prominent Granger & held all the offices in the local & State Grange. He served as a member of the Board of Aldermen in Saco, ME.

Spouse:    Elizabeth Goodier
Birth:    20 Dec 1858
Death:    10 Jul 1922
Father:    Joseph Goodier
Mother:    Mary Ford

Children:    Mabel Etta (1881-1941)
Walter Amos (1884-1968)
Florence A. (1887-1968)
Ralph Leroy (1889-1965)
Joseph Wesley (1896-1958) Mabel Etta Scamman

Birth:    31 Dec 1881, Saco, ME
Death:    5 Jun 1941

Spouse:    Roscoe E. Whitten
Birth:    31 May 1880, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Feb 1966, Gorham, ME
Marr:    12 Jun 1901

Children:    Hartley
Evelyn E. Hartley Whitten Evelyn E. Whitten Walter Amos Scamman

Birth:    13 Dec 1884, Saco, ME
Death:    1 Nov 1968, Stratham, NH

Spouse:    Elizabeth Hirst
Birth:    8 Jan 1885, Biddeford, ME
Death:    3 Jan 1961, Stratham, NH
Father:    James Hirst
Mother:    Mary Irving

Children:    Irving Hirst (1909-1970)
Lucy E.
Walter Douglas
Charles James
Richard Gordon Irving Hirst Scamman

Birth:    21 Mar 1909, Biddeford, ME
Death:    22 May 1970, drowned, near New Castle, NH

Spouse:    Marguerite Dickson

Children:    James
Ralph Dickson
Patricia Ann James Scamman

Spouse:    Josephine Wiggin

Children:    James
Joseph James Scamman Debra Scamman Joseph Scamman Ralph Dickson Scamman

Spouse:    Joan Lee Hook
Father:    John W. Hook
Mother:    Leona Ball

Children:    Ralph Dickson
Kelly Lee
Eric Hirst Ralph Dickson Scamman Kelly Lee Scamman Eric Hirst Scamman Patricia Ann Scamman Lucy E. Scamman Walter Douglas Scamman

Spouse:    Frances Watson Giles
Father:    Willard S. Giles
Mother:    Ethel M. Watson

Children:    Beatrice Ann
Walter Douglas
Marlene Elaine
Gary Francis (1950-1965) Beatrice Ann Scamman Walter Douglas Scamman

Spouse:    Stella Diane Emanuel
Father:    Stanley Emanuel
Mother:    Elly Anastos

Children:    Karl Michael
Kirk Quentin
Kimberly Diane Karl Michael Scamman Kirk Quentin Scamman Kimberly Diane Scamman Marlene Elaine Scamman Gary Francis Scamman

Birth:    1 May 1950
Death:    17 Jan 1965 Charles James Scamman

Spouse:    Evelyn Bacon

Children:    Charles Warren
Betty Charles Warren Scamman Betty Scamman Richard Gordon Scamman

Spouse:    Barbara Yeaton

Children:    Donald W.
Shirley Donald W. Scamman June Scamman Linda Scamman Shirley Scamman Florence A. Scamman

Birth:    8 Nov 1887, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Jan 1968, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Morrill Harper
Birth:    24 Nov 1888, Waterboro, ME
Death:    13 Jun 1963, Saco, ME
Father:    John Harper
Mother:    Mary Shackley
Marr:    24 Dec 1913

Children:    Elizabeth
Joseph Elizabeth Harper Alice Harper John Harper Samuel Harper Joseph Harper Ralph Leroy Scamman

Birth:    2 Oct 1889, Saco, ME
Death:    6 Nov 1965, Biddeford, ME
Occ:    agent for American Express Co. in Bath, ME; elected Mayor of
Educ:    Saco in 1936; educated in Biddeford schools

Spouse:    Lona Clair Ladd
Birth:    24 Jan 1892, Saco, ME
Death:    3 Mar 1963, Saco, ME
Father:    Alonzo Ladd
Mother:    Sarah Cousens
Marr:    17 Oct 1912

Children:    Raymond Elwin (1913-1948) Raymond Elwin Scamman

Birth:    26 Nov 1913, Saco, ME
Death:    30 Jan 1948

Spouse:    Louise Irene Johnson
Birth:    of Saco, ME

Children:    Robert Leroy Robert Leroy Scamman

Spouse:    Gail L. MacAfee
Father:    Albert E. MacAfee
Mother:    Helen L. Potts

Children:    Mark Lawrence
Laurie Lee
Robin Louise
Wendy Lona Mark Lawrence Scamman Laurie Lee Scamman Robin Louise Scamman Wendy Lona Scamman Joseph Wesley Scamman

Birth:    15 Apr 1896, Saco, ME
Death:    24 Sep 1958, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Azalia Huff
Birth:    25 Mar 1894

Children:    Leland Goodier
Roger Carleton (1924-1963) Leland Goodier Scamman

Spouse:    Claire A. Taylor

Children:    Elaine
Beatrice Ann
Curtis Leland
Drew Elaine Scamman Beatrice Ann Scamman Curtis Leland Scamman Drew Scamman Roger Carleton Scamman

Birth:    2 Sep 1924, Saco, ME
Death:    1 Dec 1963, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Rita Irene Lemay

Children:    Nancy Elaine Nancy Elaine Scamman Etta A. Scammon

Birth:    14 Mar 1861, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Benjamin Goodier Amos Milliken Scammon

Birth:    6 Dec 1863, Saco, ME
Death:    2 Feb 1941, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Hattie Pritchard
Birth:    28 Apr 1867
Death:    3 May 1956
Father:    Arthur Pritchard
Mother:    Mary Allen
Marr:    13 May 1890

Children:    Eliza Jane (1891-)
Harley Amos (1893-1968)
Paul Arthur (1896-1958)
Alton Edwin (1903-1911)
Genevieve Mary (1906-1949)
Ruby Afton (1912-1934) Eliza Jane Scammon

Birth:    29 Apr 1891, Saco, ME
Educ:    4 children

Spouse:    John T. Connor
Marr:    30 Jun 1914 Harley Amos Scammon

Birth:    7 Jun 1893, Saco, ME
Death:    3 May 1968, Biddeford, ME

Spouse:    Thelma Woodbury
Birth:    8 Oct 1899

Children:    Betty Louise
Jean Mary
Harley Amos
Ann Betty Louise Scammon

Spouse:    Laurence H. Dyer

Children:    Gail Elizabeth
Susan Eileen
Pamela Jean
Julia Ann (1960-) Gail Elizabeth Dyer Susan Eileen Dyer Pamela Jean Dyer Julia Ann Dyer

Birth:    1 Apr 1960
Death:    died young Jean Mary Scammon

Spouse:    Arthur F. Ilsley
Father:    Gardner F. Ilsley
Mother:    Genevia Gilley

Children:    Julia Alison
Bradford Gardner Julia Alison Ilsley Bradford Gardner Ilsley Harley Amos Scammon

Spouse:    Virginia Mercier
Birth:    of Saco, ME

Children:    Linda Ann
Robert Allen
Ellen L. Linda Ann Scammon Robert Allen Scammon

Children:    Shawn Amos Shawn Amos Scammon

Shawn wrote on genforum.com: It is said that we owned all the land on the North side of the Saco river from town to sea (including a ferry and tavern). There is supposed to be a grave site reserved for all generations of  Scammons.

Response from Jean: Hi, This is Jean Scammon Hyland, daughter of Richard E. Scammon and great niece of Richard M. Scammon of Stratham, NH. My brother, Richard M. Scammon, died recently in Washington, DC and my son Jeffrey Richard Scammon Hyland now lives in Stratham. There is a Scammon cemetery on the original Scammon property in Stratham. Ellen L. Scammon Ann Scammon Paul Arthur Scammon*

Birth:    24 Oct 1896, Saco, ME
Death:    25 Dec 1958, York, ME
Occ:    Operated a candy store in York, ME; see notes
Educ:    No children

Paul served during WWI as a Major. He later operated a candy store in York, ME

Spouse:    Edna Thompson
Birth:    8 Jan 1898
Death:    30 Aug 1942
Father:    William S. Thompson
Mother:    Lydia A. Allen

Other spouses:    Dorothy Byther Paul Arthur Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Dorothy Byther

Other spouses:    Edna Thompson Alton Edwin Scammon

Birth:    5 Jan 1903, Saco, ME
Death:    17 Oct 1911, died of a gunshot wound Genevieve Mary Scammon

Birth:    29 Sep 1906, Saco, ME
Death:    14 Jun 1949

Spouse:    Gordon Whittaker Beryl Scammon

Spouse:    Goerge E. Mapes
Father:    Harry B. Mapes
Mother:    Marybelle Sweet

Children:    George E.
Arthur P.
Ronald George E. Mapes Arthur P. Mapes Ronald Mapes Ruby Afton Scammon

Birth:    13 Feb 1912, Saco, ME
Death:    1 Sep 1934

Spouse:    Raymond Hilton Parslow
Marr:    11 May 1933 Henry Scammon

Birth:    9 Mar 1865, Saco, ME
Death:    24 Mar 1944

Spouse:    Flora Foss
Birth:    6 Jul 1870
Death:    17 Sep 1964, Old Orchard Beach, ME
Father:    Franklin Foss
Mother:    Abbie Sylvester

Children:    Martha Esther (1892-1948)
Jeannette Annette (1895-1963) Martha Esther Scammon

Birth:    1892, Saco, ME
Death:    13 Jan 1948, Saco, ME
Burial:    Laurel Hill Cemetery, Saco, York, ME

Spouse:    Kenneth Zelma Ladd
Birth:    24 Jan 1892, Bath, Sagadahoc, ME
Death:    28 Jan 1952, Kennebunk, York, ME
Father:    Alonzo Ladd
Mother:    Sarah Cousens
Marr:    19 Dec 1911

Children:    Lawrence
Kenneth Elwood Lawrence Ladd Clifford Ladd

Birth:    Saco, ME Kenneth Elwood Ladd

Spouse:    Priscilla Fairfield
Father:    Wilbur Fairfield
Mother:    Mary Jeannette Annette Scammon

Birth:    4 Oct 1895, Dorchester, MA
Death:    27 Jul 1963, Biddeford, ME

Spouse:    Jessie Earl Rumery
Birth:    29 Jun 1894

Children:    Earle R.
Maryllyn J.
Reed W. Earle R. Rumery Maryllyn J. Rumery

Spouse:    Dr. Roy Fairfield Reed W. Rumery

Spouse:    Nancy Fairfield Herbert Clarence Scammon

Birth:    28 Apr 1868, Saco, ME
Death:    9 Nov 1963, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Maud C. Pritchard
Birth:    29 Apr 1870
Death:    Sep 1918
Father:    Arthur Pritchard
Mother:    Mary Allen
Marr:    4 Sep 1895

Children:    Myrtle (1897-1953)
Clarence Henry (1904-1975)
Myra Etta Myrtle Scammon

Birth:    22 Feb 1897, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Aug 1953, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Victor Marden
Birth:    18 Jun 1895, Winterport, ME
Death:    1 Sep 1966, Brooks, ME
Father:    John Marden
Mother:    Ida Bowen

Children:    Barbara
Roger Barbara Marden Roger Marden Clarence Henry Scammon

Birth:    15 Mar 1904
Death:    Jun 1975, Saco, ME
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Florence Milliken
Father:    Joseph L. Milliken
Mother:    Mary Cleaves Myra Etta Scammon

Spouse:    Norman N. Goodwin

Children:    Norman
Patricia Norman Goodwin Patricia Goodwin

Spouse:    James Berry Franklin Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Olevia U. Allen
Birth:    1 May 1844, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Death:    27 Apr 1919, Saco, ME
Father:    Asa Allen
Mother:    Rebecca Lovely

Children:    Frank Asa (1873-1945)
Mary Elizabeth (1875-1940)
Fred Elbridge (1878-1965)
Hattie Blanche (1881-1958)

Other spouses:    Eliza Jane Milliken Frank Asa Scammon*

Birth:    13 Sep 1873, Saco, ME
Death:    13 Apr 1945, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Gertrude M. Hill
Birth:    1878
Death:    23 Apr 1909
Father:    Franklin Hill
Mother:    Lydia D. Langley
Marr:    20 Dec 1899

Children:    Milan Wayne (1901-1983)
George Frank
Mildred Lourita (1905-1945)

Other spouses:    Edna Ladd, Mildred F. Royles Milan Wayne Scammon

Birth:    14 Jun 1901, Saco, ME
Death:    Jan 1983, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Ruth E. Noble
Father:    Harry S. Noble
Mother:    Mary Wood

Children:    Richard Wayne (1927-1998)
Elaine Edna
Ronald Milan
Milton Harry (1938-1992) Richard Wayne Scammon

Birth:    25 Dec 1927, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Apr 1998, North Windham, ME Elaine Edna Scammon Ronald Milan Scammon Milton Harry Scammon

Birth:    9 Oct 1938, Saco, ME
Death:    7 Apr 1992

Spouse:    Amy B. Williams
Birth:    Scarborough, York, ME
Death:    5 Mar George Frank Scammon

Spouse:    Ruth Mae Huntress
Father:    Albion B. Huntress
Mother:    Mary E. Greenwood

Children:    George Frank (1930-2005)
Jean Loretta George Frank Scammon

Birth:    2 Jan 1930, Biddeford, ME
Death:    11 Dec 2005, Methuen, MA

Spouse:    Ruth Mae Broomhall
Father:    Arthur Broomhall
Mother:    Ethel Morrison

Children:    Barbara Jean
Stephen Frank
Michael Frederick
Thomas Wendall
Margaret Ann Barbara Jean Scammon Stephen Frank Scammon Michael Frederick Scammon Thomas Wendall Scammon Margaret Ann Scammon Jean Loretta Scammon  *

Spouse:    Alfred N. Kennedy

Children:    Wayne Norman
Tari Lee

Other spouses:    Wendell Wilmot Wayne Norman Kennedy Tari Lee Kennedy Jean Loretta Scammon  * (See above)

Spouse:    Wendell Wilmot
Birth:    native of Oklahoma

Other spouses:    Alfred N. Kennedy Mildred Lourita Scammon

Birth:    9 Aug 1905, Saco, Me
Death:    29 Nov 1945, Syracuse, NY

Spouse:    Robert Fiske Bye
Birth:    of Kennebunk, ME

Children:    John Fiske
Janice John Fiske Bye Janice Bye Frank Asa Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Edna Ladd
Birth:    4 Mar 1877
Death:    18 Mar 1920
Father:    Lorenzo Ladd
Mother:    Clara Hill

Other spouses:    Gertrude M. Hill, Mildred F. Royles Frank Asa Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Mildred F. Royles
Birth:    13 Apr 1889, Martland, Nova Scotia
Death:    24 Jul 1950, Saco, ME
Father:    James Royles
Mother:    Elizabeth Burns

Other spouses:    Gertrude M. Hill, Edna Ladd Mary Elizabeth Scamman

Birth:    14 Aug 1875, Saco, ME
Death:    10 Jan 1940

Spouse:    Ralph P. Foss
Birth:    26 Jun 1881, Hollis Center, ME
Death:    13 Apr 1952
Marr:    20 Apr 1904

Children:    Esther
Eleanor Esther Foss

Spouse:    Ernest T. Bainton Kenneth Foss

Spouse:    Mona L. Sawyer Eleanor Foss Fred Elbridge Scammon

Birth:    27 Jul 1878, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Feb 1965, Brunswick, ME
Occ:    Diamond Match Co. & the Deering Lumber Co.; see notes

Fred worked for the Diamond Match Co. and the Deering Lumber Co. for many years operating a portable sawmill throughout the state of Maine.

Spouse:    Ella T. Coolbroth
Birth:    30 Jul 1875, Saco, ME
Death:    Sep 1970, Brunswick, ME
Father:    Benjamin Coolbroth
Mother:    Fannie Abbott
Marr:    3 Jul 1905

Children:    Marguerite Marguerite Scammon

Spouse:    Theodore Eastman Stimpson
Father:    Frank Stimpson
Mother:    Alice Eastman

Children:    Nancy Lynne
Dawn Ellen
Dorothy May
Catherine Adelle Nancy Lynne Stimpson

Spouse:    Albert V. Tyler
Father:    Albert F. Tyler
Mother:    Edith Vincent Dawn Ellen Stimpson

Spouse:    Richard Colburn Dorothy May Stimpson

Spouse:    Randall Furbish
Father:    M. Gerard Furbish
Mother:    Dorothy Newall Catherine Adelle Stimpson

Spouse:    Arthur Warren
Father:    Robert Warren
Mother:    Josephine Collins Hattie Blanche Scammon

Birth:    27 Oct 1881, Saco, ME
Death:    5 Jul 1958
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Benjamin W. Meserve
Marr:    2 Jun 1926 Ann Elizabeth Scammon

Birth:    27 Nov 1834, Saco, ME
Death:    22 Dec 1873
Occ:    School teacher
Educ:    Unmarried

Have seen her death listed as Abt 22 Nov 1879 on RootsWeb.com Sarah Jeannette Scammon

Birth:    11 Feb 1841, Saco, ME
Educ:    lived in North Saco, ME; No children

Spouse:    Joseph Merrill Rachel Scammon

Birth:    28 Apr 1807, Saco, ME
Death:    16 Apr 1827

1 child who died young. Rachel got married about 17, had a baby which died, then Rachel died about 20. Her husband then married her sister Sarah

Spouse:    Aaron Grace
Death:    17 Sep 1865
Marr:    7 Nov 1824 Jane Scammon

Birth:    17 Jul 1809, Saco, ME
Death:    1886

1 child

Spouse:    Rufus W. Loud
Marr:    6 Oct 1832 Eunice Scammon

Birth:    4 Mar 1812, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Paul C. Carey
Marr:    30 Jun 1832 Isaac B. Scammon

Birth:    28 Feb 1816, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Aug 1817 Anna Scammon

Birth:    28 May 1817, Saco, ME
Death:    7 Feb 1819 Abigail Scammon

Birth:    13 Oct 1818, Saco, ME
Death:    17 May 1819 Margaret Scamman

Birth:    22 Jul 1773, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Thomas Haley
Marr:    6 Feb 1799

Children:    Mark (1799-)
Isaac (1803-1828)
Elvin (1805-)
Mary (1805-) Mark Haley

Birth:    24 Dec 1799

3 children

Spouse:    Lydia Hill
Birth:    25 Nov 1800
Marr:    20 Feb 1827 Isaac Haley

Birth:    18 Dec 1803
Death:    3 Nov 1828 Elvin Haley

Birth:    15 Jun 1805 Mary Haley

Birth:    15 Jun 1805 Aaron Scamman Scammon*5

Birth:    15 Dec 1775, Saco, ME5
Death:    25 Dec 1856, Saco, ME5

Spouse:    Jane Deering
Birth:    12 Feb 1780
Death:    23 Sep 1819
Father:    Joseph Deering
Mother:    Hannah Jameson
Marr:    11 Sep 1803

Children:    Joseph Oliver (1804-1830)
Enoch Deering (1806-1891)
Jane Caroline
Isaac Hinckley (1813-1874)
Samuel (1816-1867)

Other spouses:    Mrs Elcy Elsie Whitney Dennett Joseph Oliver Scamman

Birth:    29 Oct 1804, Saco, ME
Death:    26 Sep 1830

Spouse:    Rozanna Tuttle

Children:    Jane Rozanna (1828-)
Joseph Oliver (1830-) Jane Rozanna Scamman

Birth:    25 Aug 1828 Joseph Oliver Scamman

Birth:    5 Jun 1830 Enoch Deering Scamman

Birth:    17 Nov 1806, Saco, ME
Death:    7 Jan 1891, Rock Port, Missouri
Educ:    see notes

Enoch left Saco as a young man & ventured westward. In 1840, he joined a wagon train leaving St. Joseph, Missouri & settled in what is now Atchinson County, Missouri.

Spouse:    Elizabeth Ann Templeton
Birth:    11 Jul 1824
Death:    20 May 1915
Marr:    28 Jan 1847

Children:    William Wright (1847-1934)
James Matthias (1850-1912)
Mary Caroline (1853-1920)
Elizabeth Jane (1858-1941)
Francis Seigel (1862-1865)
Mark Sedgwick (1865-1945) William Wright Scamman

Birth:    26 Nov 1847, Missouri
Death:    8 Jul 1934

Spouse:    Susan Calistie Lash
Birth:    8 Oct 1852
Death:    11 Jul 1913
Marr:    26 Dec 1871

Children:    Charles Albert (1872-1944)
Annie Ethel (1875-1928)
Walter Harrison (1878-1939)
Edmund Deering (1880-1960)
Grace Edna (1884-) Charles Albert Scamman

Birth:    15 Dec 1872, Rock Port, Missouri
Death:    5 Nov 1944

Spouse:    Ada B. Caudle
Birth:    7 May 1877
Marr:    16 Oct 1901

Children:    Helen Imogene Helen Imogene Scamman Annie Ethel Scamman

Birth:    25 Jun 1875, Rock Port, Missouri
Death:    9 Jun 1928

Spouse:    Joy West Robb
Birth:    27 Aug 1872
Marr:    13 Feb 1903

Children:    Donald Scamman Donald Scamman Robb Walter Harrison Scamman

Birth:    9 Mar 1878, Rock Port, Missouri
Death:    Jul 1939

Spouse:    Lottie A. Strickler
Marr:    17 May 1905

Children:    Hilma Hilma Scamman

Spouse:    Max Sweet Edmund Deering Scamman

Birth:    8 Aug 1880, Rock Port, Missouri
Death:    Apr 1960

Spouse:    Grace Belle Dewey
Birth:    31 Aug 1882
Marr:    26 Apr 1911

Children, twins:    Virginia
Maurine Virginia Scamman Maurine Scamman Grace Edna Scamman

Birth:    10 Aug 1884, Rock Port, Missouri

Spouse:    Herman Alfred Andresen
Birth:    13 Jan 1885, Germany
Death:    6 Jul 1948
Marr:    16 Oct 1907

Children:    Ruth Calistie Ruth Calistie Andresen James Matthias Scamman

Birth:    15 May 1850, Rock Port, Missouri
Death:    11 Jul 1912

Spouse:    Mary Elizabeth Casey
Birth:    20 Nov 1860
Death:    22 Sep 1923
Marr:    7 Mar 1878

Children:    Pearl (1880-1881)
Clyde Deering (1885-)
William Carl (1887-)
Hope Casey (1890-)
Grace Anna (1892-) Pearl Scamman

Birth:    26 Dec 1880
Death:    15 Feb 1881 Clyde Deering Scamman

Birth:    24 Mar 1885, Rock Port, Missouri

Spouse:    Agnes Murchie
Birth:    12 Aug 1886
Marr:    29 Mar 1911

Children:    Ruth Elizabeth
Mary Agnes
June Jeanette Ruth Elizabeth Scamman

Spouse:    Clyde Warren

Children:    Pamela Scamman
Clyde Douglas Pamela Scamman Warren Clyde Douglas Warren Mary Agnes Scamman

Spouse:    William R. Oswald

Children:    Penny Hope Penny Hope Oswald June Jeanette Scamman

Spouse:    Robert Gerdes William Carl Scamman

Birth:    13 Mar 1887, Rock Port, Missouri

Spouse:    Orpha May Pierce
Birth:    29 Aug 1888, Rock Port, Missouri
Marr:    4 Sep 1912

Children:    James Pierce
Joy Pauline James Pierce Scamman

Spouse:    Louise Luckey

Children:    James Pierce
Mary Nan
Franklin Luckey
Thomas William James Pierce Scamman

Spouse:    Edith Stalling
Father:    Adolph Stalling
Mother:    Edna Webb

Children:    Stuart Carl
Linda May Stuart Carl Scamman Linda May Scamman Mary Nan Scamman Franklin Luckey Scamman Thomas William Scamman Joy Pauline Scamman

Spouse:    Grover Sterling Polson

Children:    James Robert
Judith James Robert Polson Judith Polson Hope Casey Scamman

Birth:    2 Dec 1890

Spouse:    Arthur M. Matthews
Marr:    19 May 1917 Grace Anna Scamman

Birth:    18 Aug 1892

Spouse:    Harry C. Schroeder
Marr:    Jul 1926 Mary Caroline Scamman

Birth:    27 Jun 1853, Missouri
Death:    8 Dec 1920

Spouse:    Lewis F. Fleming
Birth:    8 Feb 1847
Death:    18 Oct 1889
Marr:    18 Mar 1873

Children:    Amelia Ann (1874-1875)
Stella (1875-1953)
Clara Edith (1877-1882) Amelia Ann Fleming

Birth:    6 Mar 1874
Death:    5 Oct 1875 Stella Fleming

Birth:    21 Oct 1875
Death:    11 Feb 1953

Spouse:    Joseph T. McKitrick
Birth:    31 Oct 1872
Death:    25 Jul 1945
Marr:    20 Sep 1899 Clara Edith Fleming

Birth:    5 Oct 1877
Death:    1882 Elizabeth Jane Scamman

Birth:    27 Nov 1858, Missouri
Death:    3 Jan 1941

Spouse:    James A. Smith
Birth:    21 Nov 1852
Death:    4 Dec 1931
Marr:    7 Mar 1878

Children:    Arthur Deering (1881-)
James Herschel (1884-1886)
Clara Lois (1887-)
Ernest Leroy (1889-)
Harold Glen (1897-)
Ruth Vaneva Arthur Deering Smith

Birth:    11 Sep 1881
Educ:    2 children

Spouse:    Blanche Wirt
Birth:    27 May 1887
Marr:    24 Nov 1910 James Herschel Smith

Birth:    29 Apr 1884
Death:    18 Sep 1886 Clara Lois Smith

Birth:    9 Mar 1887
Educ:    5 children

Spouse:    Jared G. Beebe
Birth:    25 Mar 1888
Death:    18 Oct 1933
Marr:    20 Nov 1913 Ernest Leroy Smith

Birth:    14 Oct 1889
Educ:    3 children

Spouse:    Eva May Bolton
Birth:    16 Nov 1891
Marr:    19 Feb 1915 Harold Glen Smith

Birth:    27 Aug 1897
Educ:    4 children

Spouse:    Ruth Randel Ruth Vaneva Smith

Spouse:    Raymond J. Cederdahl
Birth:    27 May 1899 Francis Seigel Scamman

Birth:    16 Oct 1862, Missouri
Death:    28 Sep 1865 Mark Sedgwick Scamman

Birth:    22 Jul 1865, Missouri
Death:    16 Feb 1945

Spouse:    Lillie Ann Millsap
Birth:    20 May 1865
Death:    14 Nov 1929
Marr:    15 Apr 1888

Children:    William Deering (1889-)
Zula Caroline (1891-)
James Glen (1895-)
Willard Sedgwick (1898-)
Lois Elizabeth (1904-1918) William Deering Scamman

Birth:    2 Apr 1889, Union City, Missouri

Spouse:    Dorothy Mary Warneke
Birth:    14 Feb 1891, Rock Port, Missouri
Father:    Henry Warneke
Mother:    Mary Walker
Marr:    17 Aug 1912, Rock Port, Missouri

Children:    Mark Henry
William Harold Mark Henry Scamman

Spouse:    Marie Elizabeth Roberts
Father:    Charles E. Roberts
Mother:    Susie E. Gailey

Children:    Mark Stephen
Mary Sue Mark Stephen Scamman

Spouse:    Brenda Ann Whitford

Children:    Kimberly Dee Kimberly Dee Scamman Mary Sue Scamman William Harold Scamman

Spouse:    Anna Elaine Stephenson
Father:    James E. Stephenson
Mother:    Letitia Miller Zula Caroline Scamman

Birth:    26 Aug 1891

Spouse:    Everett S. Gleason
Birth:    7 May 1899
Death:    24 Aug 1939
Marr:    26 Feb 1924

Children:    Martha Caroline
Lowell Salee Martha Caroline Gleason  *

Spouse:    Larry F. Covey

Other spouses:    Paul Stromgren Martha Caroline Gleason  * (See above)

Spouse:    Paul Stromgren

Other spouses:    Larry F. Covey Lowell Salee Gleason

Spouse:    Shirley Jean Roe James Glen Scamman

Birth:    27 Jul 1895
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Helen Margaret Sly
Birth:    25 Sep 1897
Marr:    26 Nov 1919 Willard Sedgwick Scamman

Birth:    18 Feb 1898, Rock Port, Missouri

Spouse:    Agnes Harmes
Father:    Wike Harmes
Mother:    Mary Schnitker

Children:    Reginald Jack
Ruth Joan
Willard Wike Reginald Jack Scamman

Spouse:    Beverly Jean Smith
Father:    Walter Smith
Mother:    Goldie Bean

Children:    Jennifer Jill
Anthony Jack
James Todd Jennifer Jill Scamman Anthony Jack Scamman James Todd Scamman Ruth Joan Scamman

Spouse:    Moses Miller Payne

Children:    Richard Miller
Diane Louise Richard Miller Payne Diane Louise Payne Willard Wike Scamman

Spouse:    Diana Ruth Garceau

Children:    George Emmett
Sarah Marie
Amy Cozette
Willard Wike
Glenn Olin Edward George Emmett Scamman Sarah Marie Scamman Amy Cozette Scamman Willard Wike Scamman Glenn Olin Edward Scamman Lois Elizabeth Scamman

Birth:    5 Oct 1904
Death:    21 Oct 1918 Jane Caroline Scamman (See duplicate branch above) Isaac Hinckley Scamman (See duplicate branch above) Samuel Scamman

Birth:    4 Sep 1816, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Dec 1867, Rock Port, Missouri

Spouse:    Nancy King
Birth:    6 Nov 1827
Death:    19 Feb 1913
Marr:    19 May 1850

Children:    Mary Jane (1852-1854)
Enoch Ezra (1853-1854)
Isaac (1855-1918)
Sarah Ann (1857-1932)
Mary Elizabeth (1859-1875)
Rachel (1861-1947)
Eunice (1863-1948)
Charles Henry (1865-1869)
Jeanette (1868-1868) Mary Jane Scamman

Birth:    22 Feb 1852, Missouri
Death:    1 Aug 1854 Enoch Ezra Scamman

Birth:    16 Dec 1853, Missouri
Death:    18 Dec 1854 Isaac Scamman

Birth:    12 Jun 1855, Missouri
Death:    16 Jan 1918
Educ:    Unmarried Sarah Ann Scamman

Birth:    31 Oct 1857, Missouri
Death:    1 Mar 1932

Spouse:    John Salfrank
Death:    2 Mar 1932
Marr:    15 Apr 1888

Children:    Augusta Mabel (1889-)
Benjamin Harrison (1890-1929)
John Marion (1892-)
Martha Esther (1893-1911)
Mary Annette (1895-) Augusta Mabel Salfrank

Birth:    21 Mar 1889 Benjamin Harrison Salfrank

Birth:    14 Aug 1890
Death:    7 Apr 1929 John Marion Salfrank

Birth:    21 Jun 1892 Martha Esther Salfrank

Birth:    11 Dec 1893
Death:    9 Dec 1911 Mary Annette Salfrank

Birth:    10 Dec 1895 Mary Elizabeth Scamman

Birth:    1 Mar 1859, Missouri
Death:    3 Nov 1875 Rachel Scamman

Birth:    18 Jan 1861, Missouri
Death:    18 May 1947
Educ:    Unmarried Eunice Scamman

Birth:    13 Sep 1863, Missouri
Death:    6 Jul 1948

Spouse:    T. Grant Anderson
Birth:    17 Apr 1864
Death:    12 Sep 1949
Marr:    31 Dec 1888

Children:    Hattie (1889-)
Seymour (1891-)
Seigel (1894-)
Cynthia (1895-) Hattie Anderson

Birth:    12 Nov 1889 Seymour Anderson

Birth:    9 Oct 1891 Seigel Anderson

Birth:    3 Feb 1894 Cynthia Anderson

Birth:    11 Sep 1895 Charles Henry Scamman

Birth:    23 Oct 1865, Missouri
Death:    29 Mar 1869 Jeanette Scamman

Birth:    2 Jan 1868, Missouri
Death:    20 Mar 1868 Aaron Scamman Scammon* (See above)

Spouse:    Mrs Elcy Elsie Whitney Dennett5
Birth:    9 Apr 17885
Father:    Asa Whitney
Mother:    Patience Weston
Marr:    4 Oct 1820

Children:    Elcy Elsie Ann (1821-1837)

Other spouses:    Jane Deering Elcy Elsie Ann Scamman Scammon

Birth:    26 Aug 1821, Saco, ME
Death:    11 Aug 1837 Rachel Scamman

Birth:    9 Jan 1778, Saco, ME
Death:    19 Oct 1778 Edmund Scammon

Birth:    22 Jul 1780, Saco, ME
Death:    4 Feb 1837, Greenville, ME

Spouse:    Sarah Haley
Birth:    19 Jul 1784
Death:    23 May 1858
Marr:    1 Nov 1806, Saco, ME

Children:    Mary (1807-1875)
Sarah (1809-1811)
Robert Haley (1811-1847)
Hannah (1813-1844)
Edmund (1816-1881)
Daniel (1818-1839)
Samuel (1821-1901)
Lydia (1822-1891)
Richard Shannon (1824-1829) Mary Scammon

Birth:    27 Jan 1807, Saco, ME
Death:    16 Oct 1875, Unmarried Sarah Scammon

Birth:    29 May 1809, Saco, ME
Death:    6 Jan 1811 Robert Haley Scammon

Birth:    2 Jul 1811, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Jun 1847, Greenville, ME

Spouse:    Elizabeth Shaw

Children:    Annie Annie Scammon

Spouse:    Leonard Young Hannah Scammon

Birth:    12 Oct 1813, Saco, ME
Death:    21 Feb 1844, Unmarried Edmund Scammon

Birth:    11 Mar 1816, Saco, ME
Death:    30 Oct 1881, Unmarried Daniel Scammon

Birth:    29 Oct 1818, Saco, ME
Death:    18 May 1839, Unmarried Samuel Scammon

Birth:    28 Feb 1821, Saco, ME
Death:    13 Jan 1901, Greenville, ME

Spouse:    Emma Sawyer

Children:    Clara F.
Mary Ella
Sarah Clara F. Scammon Mary Ella Scammon Sarah Scammon

Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Frederick Mayo Lydia Scammon

Birth:    4 Nov 1822, Saco, ME
Death:    17 Jul 1891

Spouse:    Major Benjamin Bigney

Children:    James Edmund
Frederick DeLaniere (1854-1929)
Eliza Adeline (1856-1938)
Mabel Sanders (1861-1941) James Edmund Bigney

Educ:    2 children

Spouse:    Evelyn Bancroft Frederick DeLaniere Bigney

Birth:    1854
Death:    1929
Educ:    5 children

Spouse:    Alice Rowe Eliza Adeline Bigney

Birth:    1856
Death:    1938
Educ:    Unmarried Mabel Sanders Bigney

Birth:    1861
Death:    1941
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    , Dr. Hiram Hunt Richard Shannon Scammon

Birth:    8 Nov 1824, Saco, ME
Death:    7 Feb 1829 Samuel Scammon

Birth:    24 Feb 1783, Saco, ME
Death:    16 May 1814

LDS records show his name as Luther

Spouse:    Sarah Foss
Birth:    1 May 1783
Death:    1854, Arlington, Illinois
Father:    Zachariah Foss
Mother:    Olive Carl
Marr:    20 Dec 1806

Children:    Albert G. (1807-1876)
Luther (1808-1878)
Sarah (1810-1846) Albert G. Scammon (See duplicate branch above) Luther Scammon

Birth:    1 Dec 1808, Saco, ME
Death:    10 Jul 1878, Scammon, Kansas

Spouse:    Rhoda F. Carter
Birth:    1809
Death:    1896
Marr:    1837

Children:    Samuel F. (1838-)
Sarah Ellen (1840-)
Edward Charles (1841-1905)
John Samuel (1842-1920)
Ezra (1843-)
William Libby (1845-) Samuel F. Scammon

Birth:    28 Dec 1838, Saco, ME

From the book “History of Cherokee County Kansas & representative citizens” edited & compiled by Nathaniel Thompson Allison 1904:

The Scammon Town County was incorporated 15 Mar 1884 with E. C. Scammon as President and D. Mackie as secretary.  Perhaps no town or city in Cherokee County has been better governed than Scammon.  Its public men were wise, prudent and conservative.

The first coal shaft opened in Cherokee County was at Scammon, in 1877, owned and operated by the Scammon brothers for whom the town was named. The shaft was on E. C. Scammon’s land just east of the railroad track near what is now known as Mackie’s Junction, where the Weir branch of the railroad leaves the main line, and about 1 mile north of the present city.  Keith & Mitchel bought out the Scammon brothers.

The lands in the community of Scammon were taken as claims early in the history of Cherokee County.  E. C. Scammon first owned the quarter section just north of the present site of the place.  Samuel F. Scammon took a claim northwest of this. Sarah Ellen Scammon

Birth:    10 Mar 1840, Saco, ME Edward Charles Scammon

Birth:    9 Oct 1841, Saco, ME
Death:    18 Mar 1905, Columbus, Kansas

From the book “History of Cherokee County Kansas & representative citizens” edited & compiled by Nathaniel Thompson Allison 1904:

The Scammon Town County was incorporated 15 Mar 1884 with E. C. Scammon as President and D. Mackie as secretary.  Perhaps no town or city in Cherokee County has been better governed than Scammon.  Its public men were wise, prudent and conservative.

The first coal shaft opened in Cherokee County was at Scammon, in 1877, owned and operated by the Scammon brothers for whom the town was named. The shaft was on E. C. Scammon’s land just east of the railroad track near what is now known as Mackie’s Junction, where the Weir branch of the railroad leaves the main line, and about 1 mile north of the present city.  Keith & Mitchel bought out the Scammon brothers.

The lands in the community of Scammon were taken as claims early in the history of Cherokee County.  E. C. Scammon first owned the quarter section just north of the present site of the place.  Samuel F. Scammon took a claim northwest of this.

1884 Cherokee County Representative
1885 Cherokee County Treasurer

Spouse:    Ellen Griffin
Birth:    26 Oct 1849
Death:    14 Jun 1914
Marr:    1 Mar 1872, Kansas City, MO

Children:    Sarah Carter (1874-1968)
Ellen Rudolph (1881-)
Lillian Drucilla (1884-1963)
Frances Almira (1888-) Sarah Carter Scammon

Birth:    1874
Death:    30 Dec 1968 Ellen Rudolph Scammon

Birth:    2 Jun 1881 Lillian Drucilla Scammon

Birth:    18 Nov 1884
Death:    12 Apr 1963, Illinois Frances Almira Scammon

Birth:    17 May 1888 John Samuel Scammon

Birth:    1842, Saco, ME
Death:    Jul 1920, Scammon, Kansas

Spouse:    Margaret Griffin
Birth:    1851
Marr:    12 May 1870

Children:    Rhoda Jane (1871-1937)
Charles Franklin (1873-1911)
Mary Ellen (1875-1876)
Martha Margaret (1881-1964)
John Samuel (1883-1947)
William Luther (1886-1910)
Joseph Ezra (1891-1917) Rhoda Jane Scammon

Birth:    12 Aug 1871
Death:    15 Apr 1937, Pittsburg, Kansas

Spouse:    Ed Martin
Marr:    7 Nov 1894

Children:    Doris (1896-1922)
Mildred Doris Martin

Birth:    27 Aug 1896
Death:    22 Dec 1922 Mildred Martin Charles Franklin Scammon

Birth:    25 Jan 1873
Death:    29 Jan 1911, Kansas City, MO
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Gertie Sullivan
Marr:    Jan 1906 Mary Ellen Scammon

Birth:    16 Jul 1875, Scammon, Kansas
Death:    7 Nov 1876, Scammon, Kansas Martha Margaret Scammon

Birth:    12 Mar 1881
Death:    8 Aug 1964, Colorado Springs, CO

Spouse:    Samuel Compton
Marr:    10 Jun 1902

Children:    Earl Scammon Earl Scammon Compton John Samuel Scammon

Birth:    23 Dec 1883, Scammon, Kansas
Death:    12 Jan 1947, Pittsburg, Kansas

Spouse:    Irene Sargent
Birth:    1906, Kansas City, Missouri
Death:    1944, Kansas City, Kansas

Children:    William John (1918-1981) William John Scammon

Birth:    22 Jan 1918, Kansas City, Missouri
Death:    Jan 1981, San Jose, CA

Spouse:    Thelma Davis
Father:    Thomas Davis

Children:    Michael Franklin Michael Franklin Scammon William Luther Scammon

Birth:    5 May 1886
Death:    27 Sep 1910, Montrose, CO
Educ:    Unmarried Joseph Ezra Scammon

Birth:    10 Oct 1891
Death:    10 Jun 1917, Oklahoma
Educ:    Unmarried Ezra Scammon

Birth:    17 Sep 1843, Saco, ME
Occ:    Doctor; Drugs; Coal mining; retired in 1922
Educ:    1 daughter

From the book “History of Cherokee County Kansas & representative citizens” edited & compiled by Nathaniel Thompson Allison 1904:

The Scammon Town County was incorporated 15 Mar 1884 with E. C. Scammon as President and D. Mackie as secretary.  Perhaps no town or city in Cherokee County has been better governed than Scammon.  Its public men were wise, prudent and conservative.

The first coal shaft opened in Cherokee County was at Scammon, in 1877, owned and operated by the Scammon brothers for whom the town was named. The shaft was on E. C. Scammon’s land just east of the railroad track near what is now known as Mackie’s Junction, where the Weir branch of the railroad leaves the main line, and about 1 mile north of the present city.  Keith & Mitchel bought out the Scammon brothers.

The lands in the community of Scammon were taken as claims early in the history of Cherokee County.  E. C. Scammon first owned the quarter section just north of the present site of the place.  Samuel F. Scammon took a claim northwest of this.

In 1904, Dr. Scammon was probably the oldest physician in the county of Cherokee, Kansas

Dr. E. A. Scammon moved to Columbus, KS, went to Cherokee County in 1869.  He had recently graduated from Ann Arbor and was seeking location for his practice.  He became interested in coal lands and with his brothers, S. F. Scammon and E. C. Scammon, opened the first coal mine in KS, south of Leavenworth.  This was near where the city of Scammon is.  Dr. Scammon did not continue long in the practice of medicine.  He sold his interests in the coal mines and went into the drug business in Columbus.  He continued in this business until 1922 when he retired.

1871 Cherokee County Register of deeds

In the election of 1879 Saunders was elected County Clerk and it was contested by Dunbar, a candidate.  The case was tried before H. C. Pursel, A. H. Skidmore, and E. A. Scammon.  Case was dismissed.

Mention is made of a memorable political rally in the fall of 1888 held at Columbus on 22 Sep 1888.  Dr. E. A. Scammon was chairman of the Committee on resolutions.

One of those who built a good home early in Columbus, KS was E. A. Scammon William Libby Scammon

Birth:    1845, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Mary Hopkins
Birth:    1851
Death:    1880
Marr:    1873

Children:    Angela Marcella (1873-1955)
Rosemary (1870-1942) Angela Marcella Scammon

Birth:    1873
Death:    1955

Spouse:    Dudley Black

Children:    William
Richard William Black Dudley Black Richard Black Rosemary Scammon

Birth:    1870
Death:    1942

Spouse:    Porter Fones Sarah Scammon

Birth:    5 Dec 1810, Saco, ME
Death:    12 Nov 1846, Ellison, Illinois

Spouse:    William Libby
Birth:    10 Mar 1808, Kittery, ME
Death:    21 Jul 1878, Featherstone, Minnesota
Father:    David Libby
Mother:    Abigail Tobey
Marr:    3 Dec 1835

Children:    William (1838-1845)
Mary Elizabeth (1839-)
Almira Scammon (1841-)
Sarah (1846-) William Libby

Birth:    7 Apr 1838, Cornville, ME
Death:    20 Mar 1845, Monmouth, Illinois Mary Elizabeth Libby

Birth:    13 Dec 1839, Cornville, ME

Spouse:    James A. Jones
Marr:    9 Sep 1857 Almira Scammon Libby

Birth:    12 Feb 1841, Cornville, ME

Spouse:    Henry Thomas Bevans
Marr:    7 Jun 1878 Sarah Libby

Birth:    22 Oct 1846, Cornville, ME

Spouse:    Dewitt Clinton Smith
Marr:    18 Apr 1867 John Scamman Scammon1

Birth:    3 May 1785, Saco, ME1
Death:    25 Jan 1794 William Scamman

Birth:    24 Sep 1788, Saco, ME
Death:    22 Dec 1848
Occ:    School teacher

Spouse:    Sarah French Pike
Birth:    29 Dec 1797
Death:    26 Apr 1864
Marr:    2 Jan 1819

Children:    Charles W. (1819-1851)
Israel Pike (1819-1862)
Mary Mathilda (1824-)
Franklin (1830-1831)
Emily (1835-) Charles W. Scamman Scammon

Birth:    31 Mar 1819, Saco, ME
Death:    27 Sep 1851

Spouse:    Nancy E. Sargent
Birth:    1 Jun 1818, Bow, NH
Death:    1890
Father:    Simon C. Sargent
Mother:    Charlotte Hutchinson
Marr:    7 Sep 1844

Children:    Frances E. (1848-)
Charles William (1850-1851)
Charlotte L. (1851-1925) Frances E. Scamman Scammon

Birth:    13 Aug 1848, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Capt. John Livers
Birth:    10 Nov 1810
Death:    Oct 1885
Marr:    24 Oct 1871

Children:    Charlotte Estelle (1874-) Charlotte Estelle Livers

Birth:    3 Mar 1874 Charles William Scamman Scammon

Birth:    7 Jun 1850
Death:    2 Jul 1851 Charlotte L. Scamman Scammon

Birth:    23 Dec 1851, Saco, ME
Death:    1925, Billerica, MA

Spouse:    John Nelson Parker
Birth:    10 Jul 1851, Boston, MA
Death:    May 1921, Billerica, MA
Marr:    13 Jan 1875

Children:    Frances Adeline (1875-1966)
George Nelson (1880-) Frances Adeline Parker

Birth:    30 Dec 1875
Death:    3 Mar 1966, Hartford, CT George Nelson Parker

Birth:    21 Jun 1880 Israel Pike Scamman

Birth:    31 Mar 1819, Saco, ME
Death:    1862, lost at sea

Spouse:    Ann Elizabeth Barrows
Birth:    22 Oct 1830
Death:    24 Apr 1909
Father:    David S. Barrows
Mother:    Abigail Drew
Marr:    3 Oct 1848

Children:    Sarah Abigail (1849-1849)
Jeremiah Brown (1850-1924)
Charles William (1852-1929)
Lindley Murray Sarah Abigail Scamman

Birth:    9 May 1849, Saco, ME
Death:    19 May 1849 Jeremiah Brown Scamman

Birth:    Feb 1850, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Feb 1924

Spouse:    Georgianna Russell

Children:    Earl (1878-1968)
Laura I. (1886-)
Percival Russell (-1941) Earl Scamman

Birth:    4 Sep 1878, Boston, MA
Death:    18 Apr 1968, Cambridge, MA
Occ:    He was a doctor
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Ethel S. Rothe Laura I. Scamman

Birth:    6 Aug 1886, Boston, MA Edith Scamman

Spouse:    Charles H. Collett Percival Russell Scamman

Death:    Feb 1941

Spouse:    Ethel May Jenkins
Birth:    19 Oct 1877
Death:    30 Nov 1951
Father:    Charles W. Jenkins
Mother:    Martha M.

Children:    Julie E. Julie E. Scamman Charles William Scamman

Birth:    9 Dec 1852, Saco, ME
Death:    16 Dec 1929
Educ:    No children

Spouse:    Helen Augusta (Jordan) Mason
Birth:    21 Dec 1853
Death:    16 Feb 1938
Father:    Rishworth Jordan
Mother:    Mary E. Hill
Marr:    4 Jan 1909 Lindley Murray Scamman

Spouse:    Wife of Lindley Murray Scamman

Children:    Linmur Linmur Scamman

Educ:    lived in Ohio & California Mary Mathilda Scamman

Birth:    11 Mar 1824, Saco, ME

Spouse:    Henry Sumner Sargent
Birth:    10 Jan 1828, Saco, ME
Father:    Simon C. Sargent
Mother:    Charlotte Hutchinson

Children:    Lizzie P.
Charles Sumner
Fannie Lizzie P. Sargent

Educ:    2 children

Spouse:    Charles E. Perkins Charles Sumner Sargent

Occ:    Was an M.D.

Spouse:    Edith Smith Fannie Sargent

Spouse:    Frank Bunker Franklin Scamman

Birth:    Oct 1830, Saco, ME
Death:    31 Aug 1831 Emily Scamman

Birth:    29 Jul 1835, Saco, ME Mary Scamman

Birth:    29 Apr 1745, Saco, ME
Death:    1 Mar 1795

Spouse:    Deacon James Emery
Birth:    22 Nov 1738
Father:    Thomas Emery
Mother:    Susanna Hill
Marr:    27 Nov 1763

Children:    Levi (1765-1809)
Susanna (1767-)
Mehitable (1770-1843)
James (1772-1840)
Joshua (1774-1858)
Mary (1776-1833)
Simon (1778-1825)
Samuel (1781-1862)
Thomas (1783-1804)
Nathaniel (1785-1871)
Lydia (1787-1857) Levi Emery

Birth:    27 May 1765
Death:    3 Oct 1809 Susanna Emery

Birth:    28 Dec 1767

7 children

Spouse:    Samuel Hill
Birth:    8 Jan 1764
Marr:    1789 Mehitable Emery*

Birth:    4 Mar 1770
Death:    24 Jul 1843

Edmund Moody, her second husband, was her 1st cousin

Spouse:    William Smith

Other spouses:    Edmund Moody Mehitable Emery* (See above)

Spouse:    Edmund Moody
Birth:    3 Oct 1765
Death:    4 Oct 1829
Father:    William Pepperell Moody (1741-1787)
Mother:    Elizabeth Scamman (1747-1833)

Other spouses:    William Smith James Emery

Birth:    31 Mar 1772
Death:    6 Mar 1840, Buxton, ME

7 children

Spouse:    Catherine Freethy
Birth:    17 Oct 1771
Death:    9 Sep 1855
Marr:    12 Mar 1795 Joshua Emery

Birth:    7 Apr 1774
Death:    1858

10 children

Spouse:    Martha Freeman Mary Emery

Birth:    11 Feb 1776
Death:    10 Sep 1833

8 children

Spouse:    Joseph Haley
Birth:    16 Feb 1776
Death:    10 May 1866
Marr:    4 May 1797 Simon Emery*

Birth:    11 Jan 1778
Death:    29 Oct 1825

His 2nd wife, Eunice Scamman, was a relative

Spouse:    Olive Staples
Death:    27 Dec 1809
Marr:    1 Jul 1803

Other spouses:    Eunice Scamman, Eunice Scamman Simon Emery* (See above)

Spouse:    Eunice Scamman

Other spouses:    Olive Staples, Eunice Scamman Simon Emery* (See above)

Spouse:    Eunice Scamman
Birth:    13 Sep 1778, Saco, ME
Death:    3 Oct 1859
Father:    Freeman Scamman (1750-1824)
Mother:    Elizabeth Kimball (1754-1842)
Marr:    30 Oct 1810

Children:    James Freeman (1811-)
Olive S. (1813-)
Lizzie (1815-)
Aesnath (1817-1831)
Frederick A. (1820-1827)

Other spouses:    Olive Staples, Eunice Scamman James Freeman Emery

Birth:    22 Jul 1811 Olive S. Emery

Birth:    16 Aug 1813 Lizzie Emery

Birth:    4 Mar 1815 Aesnath Emery

Birth:    27 Oct 1817
Death:    20 May 1831 Frederick A. Emery

Birth:    19 Jan 1820
Death:    3 Oct 1827 Samuel Emery

Birth:    7 Jan 1781
Death:    15 Jan 1862

4 children

Spouse:    Sophia Webster
Birth:    16 Jul 1790
Death:    1877
Father:    , Rev. Nathaniel Webster
Marr:    2 Dec 1819 Thomas Emery

Birth:    7 Feb 1783
Death:    1804, at sea Nathaniel Emery

Birth:    15 May 1785
Death:    19 Oct 1871

7 children

Spouse:    Philadelphia N. Rankin
Birth:    28 Jun 1789
Marr:    1 Dec 1808 Lydia Emery

Birth:    2 Mar 1787
Death:    29 Oct 1857

1 child

Spouse:    Thomas Dodge Elizabeth Scamman

Birth:    29 Jul 1747, Saco, ME
Death:    29 Oct 1833

Spouse:    William Pepperell Moody
Birth:    16 Nov 1741, Kittery, ME
Death:    3 Aug 1787, Saco, ME
Marr:    20 Sep 1763

Children:    Edmund (1765-1829)
Mary (1768-1793)
William (1770-1822)
Elizabeth (1773-)
Mehitable (1775-1848)
Joshua (1778-1866)
Samuel (1780-1844)
Enoch (1784-1872)
Sarah (1786-1865) Edmund Moody* (See duplicate branch above) Edmund Moody* (See above)

Spouse:    Sarah Hill

Other spouses:    Mehitable Emery Mary Moody

Birth:    2 Mar 1768
Death:    9 Aug 1793

Spouse:    Remick Cole
Marr:    26 Jul 1792 William Moody

Birth:    10 Jul 1770
Death:    15 Mar 1822

7 children

Spouse:    Parmelia Milliken
Marr:    6 Mar 1797 Elizabeth Moody

Birth:    22 Apr 1773 Mehitable Moody

Birth:    4 Dec 1775
Death:    Dec 1848

Spouse:    Jonathan Young
Father:    Peter Young Joshua Moody*

Birth:    7 Mar 1778
Death:    6 Nov 1866

Spouse:    Ann Bradbury
Birth:    4 Dec 1777
Death:    29 Sep 1817
Father:    Jospeh Bradbury
Mother:    Dorothy Clark
Marr:    1810

Other spouses:    Narcissa Bradbury Joshua Moody* (See above)

Spouse:    Narcissa Bradbury
Birth:    17 Apr 1785
Father:    Jospeh Bradbury
Mother:    Dorothy Clark

Other spouses:    Ann Bradbury Samuel Moody

Birth:    27 Apr 1780
Death:    2 Sep 1844

his wife was a relative

Spouse:    Hannah Barnard
Birth:    13 Jun 1791
Death:    16 Jun 1854
Father:    Joseph Barnard
Mother:    Rachel Scamman (1758-1829)
Marr:    1 Jul 1817 Enoch Moody

Birth:    31 Aug 1784
Death:    19 Oct 1872

4 children

Spouse:    Martha Chadwick
Birth:    12 Jun 1791
Father:    John Chadwick
Marr:    2 Feb 1815 Sarah Moody

Birth:    5 Dec 1786
Death:    12 Jul 1865, Augusta, ME

6 children

Spouse:    John Means
Birth:    15 May 1790, Saco, ME
Death:    17 Feb 1873, Augusta, ME
Father:    George Means
Mother:    Hannah Banks
Marr:    1815


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